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  1. SynthJazz Sunday May 18th 2014

    Don't sweat it m8. I just really, really wanted my dosage of jazz. I know you can get me my fix. You def have the talent.
  2. SynthJazz Sunday May 18th 2014

    This one was for Techgrind Tuesdays. Why you throwing the Shyamalon twist into Synthjazz Sundays dogg ? The song was boss as usual ma man, but wheres dat jazzy vibe?
  3. Your right on that... I spent about 30mins-1 hour on it trying to structure it right only to find out it was off key and incorrectly timed.. I didn't want to butcher such a nice piece... Enjoy the ear pollution.
  4. Was a little project I started back in March and stopped working on because I started it off with whole notes and, in the original- it used more sharps and flats. Also halted because I wanted to do more original pieces. Selfish of me to have it just sitting on my desktop. It's short sample but, sweet. Lilius(Thus Far3-20).mp3
  5. This is what i like about the XW.

    Beautiful track, looking forward to more of these. I'm a bit late, but welcome to the forums, you now have a stalker on soundcloud. Now, this keyboard you displayed most def looks like something out of the X-files
  6. Blues/R&B with the Casio XW-G1

    Loved the original. But, absolutely loved this piece! especially when the piano + synth and guitar riffs came into play. Well done!
  7. Scattered Petals

    Yea but, most likely by the time I even get the money for the Tascam, It will be out of the rebate period. And, chances are the Fostex will be gone too, I don't mind used units as long as they function like they're suppose to, just give em a good cleaning- air dust what you can. Bookmarked em both, keeping the options open.
  8. Scattered Petals

    Thanks man. I never thought to get one of those, this may solve the problem. I won't really need a computer(Well at least for transferring the data from the recorder).This Dell Optiplex be killing me! Literally- When I record things, it produces toxic vapors and heats up so much because it takes so much processing power to take a damn load! I just looked em up on amazon too, new for 91 bones. Also found an 8 track recorder w/ some pretty good reviews for 115(http://www.amazon.com/Fostex-mkII-Track-Multitrack-Recorder/dp/B000K67USE/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1398289908&sr=8-13&keywords=multitrack+recorder)
  9. Scattered Petals

    It really wasn't your suggestion, I knew it was going to need some TLC. I noticed I made a mistake in the lyrics, but the tone was right where I wanted it was suppose to be- a faded whisper to fit the sickening theme. The overall volume was too high so everything was pretty distorted. I wish I could record direct from my mixer than having to adjust sound all the time from my crappy PC.
  10. Scattered Petals

    Needed to change a few things for the submission. Link will be back soon.
  11. Sorry I won't be submitting anything for this Synthjazz before the deadline(Spank me lol). I really wanted to come up with something but things have been crazy at work and had to put in overtime with people calling in sick and what not- It's set me back a bit on routine. I started my project yesterday and worked on it as much as I could today. It'll be late but, it should be done before or on Wednesday. I liked your track very much happyrat(kanukchuk), and yours too lodger(Build it up), thanks again for your input on the KP3.
  12. In the Distance

    Thanks m8. I suppose I could have worked on the drum parts a bit more(Or part, doesn't sound like much in there lol). Appreciate the input, I'll be sure to come to you screaming when my KP3 doesn't cooperate with me.
  13. Wednesdays project

    Haha not lazy, I just figure that I'll give a name to something I actually put my effort into from now on. These snippets are simply testing various items I learned throughout the day. Again, I don't consider myself a god at this-still learning and loving it. I don't like to keep all this to myself, so I would like others to hear it and maybe offer some insight.