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  1. Wait, just to clarify... We should not use rechargeable batteries with the PX-5S?
  2. Privia Pro PX-5S vs Korg Kross 88 any thoughts?

    A comparison of the PX-5S and Kross from PianoManChuck
  3. So is everyone as excited about the XW-PD1 as I am?

    I agree, I think I will end up spending the hundred extra bucks for the Electribe. That said, I was kind of excited about the XW-PD1 and I am hoping that the local music store here will have one that I can try out before making a final decision...
  4. Adapter.

  5. He Is Ralph.

    Looks like an ipad mini to me. Not sure what app he is using.
  6. You forgot to mention the Nord is hand built, has organ modeling, a polysynth with FM and wavetable, aftertouch etc.
  7. NO MONO????

    That would be fine if it were just a digital piano. There are plenty of videos where Casio representatives agree it is not only a stage piano but also a synth. Now, I am curious. What other SYNTH romplers (not run of the mill digi pianos) around or above 1k, lack a mono mode?
  8. NO MONO????

    No mono on the PX-5s is disappointing. It was probably some bean counter decision to "encourage" people to buy both the PX5S and a XW.
  9. Ideas for Casio's Next Synth Platform

    For what it's worth the XW-P1's hex layer is a pretty good polyphonic synth.
  10. XW Series Controllable Feedback Loop

    Very cool, I've wondered about this but was afraid I would some how end up damaging my XW and stuck to using a sine wave layer to simulate feedback. This makes me want to try to emulate Derek Sherinian's Monster Lead on the XW
  11. A sampling of something I am creating part A

    I like it.
  12. Quick Survey

    I agree with Scott. I can't picture (more accurately, I don't want to picture) not having an ipad as part of my setup. Among my favorite apps are Animoog and iGrand. To me using computers is a giant hassle and creativity killer. I'd rather use my XW-P1, MOXF, and Tascam DP-008ex over a DAW and VST's. The iPad is an exception though, it's always been easy and intuitive to use it as both a synth and controller. If Yamaha and Apple get the audio over usb to work correctly with the iPad, I can also see it replacing the Tascam at some point.
  13. Evil Gordo

    It definitely has a 60's psychedelic vibe to me. You are using Linux/Jack and Cakwalk to record?