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  1. XW-PD1 Editor Screenshots

    That pattern editor was sorely missed from the P1/G1 data editor! It's almost a shame it doesn't work more like Renoise/Protracker. That would be killer!
  2. Step sequencer editor.

    I've always used Renoise, before I even got the XW-P1. It's a tracker very reminiscent of ProTracker for the Amiga. Nice touch is it seems to play ball with the "Play" button on the XW-P1, so sequencing the Step sequencer along with Renoise works a charm You can use Software VSTs (obviously), send MIDI Data out, input data via MIDI, use as many/few tracks as you like, adjust velocity using Hex data at each note and route audio through specific tracks. http://www.renoise.com/
  3. XW Strong Saw

    Awesome sound! It's perfect for "Are Friends Electric" lead