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  1. Wurli Cruzr2

  2. Raindrop Roads

  3. iMidiPatchbay

    Anyone using this iPad app with your PX-5? If so, I have a couple of questions.
  4. So, I've selected Phazer Clav2. I'd like to assign one of the sliders to a distortion effect. How do I do that using the data editor?
  5. The more perfect horn section

    I'll have to say, the NI Session Horns which Scott and Lee referred to sound great.
  6. electric guitar downloads for XW series

    I would be interested in something that had a clean Fender Stratocaster kind of sound with some reverb added on
  7. are there any good electric guitar download patches for the XW series? I looked in the download section of the forum but couldn't find anything. I'm not particularly impressed with the onboard sounds for guitar.
  8. Stage Setting Management

    Thanks. Your spreadsheet ideas will be helpful. I've been needing to do something similar. My current bank content is very disorganized. I've downloaded new stage settings and replaced stock ones which I didn't like, without as much attention as I should have to where they landed.
  9. SET LIST MAKER questions

    if I'm understanding question 3 correctly, yes you can use set list maker to control setup selections on both keyboards. I do this, but it's a configurationvery specific to using the PX-5 and Kurzweil PC3 together. I'm pretty sure that if the keyboards are connected together via MIDI, you can control both boards within set list maker.
  10. Clavinet Pack

    Nice clavs! I use one of the phaser clavs at last night's gig. Perfect for rock and funk. It almost sounds too bright on its own, but when combined with the rest of the band, it cuts through nicely and makes for a good blend.
  11. Demo of the new STRINGS!

    awesome sounds Mike. Thank you.
  12. Can someone point me to a link where I can select and download some of the factory-installed stage settings? I've deleted several which I want to reinstall. Thanks.
  13. Amp recommendations

    My 2 cents worth- I recently replaced a pair of Behringer K3000fx keyboard amps with a pair of Electovoice ZXL-12P loudspeakers which I picked up new for $650. 1000 watts each- much more power than I'll ever need. The improvement in sound quality was immediately obvious. Much more portable that the Behringer- each speaker weighs in at 37 lbs, versus 72 for the Behringer.
  14. Raindrop Roads

    very nice complement to the other EP setups.