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  1. Midi tracks

    Thank you
  2. How can I copy track from midi file to sequencer or pattern sequencer on ctk 7200.
  3. Patterns

    How do I copy patterns from xw p1 to sd card and play them in other keyboard as SMF or ?
  4. Sequencing

    I read some previous post and I did not find answer so I will try to find myself just wonder why Casio did not put same sequencer in xw as in ctk 7200 or wk 7600 when screens are the same I guess that would be only software update which does not cost extra but then the rubber pad on xw series is not there accidentally it tells you put something in my case ipad and cubase.
  5. Sequencing

    I can do patterns and change voices on them (xw p1 )so that is ok and chain them ect. Now I want to add extra channels on the pattern (channels 1-8) by playing on the keyboard from performance parts or solo or pcm either so is that possible and how or I just get Cubase and do it from there ?
  6. WK 7600 vs CTK 7200

    Thank you very helpful i am going for ctk 7200 then
  7. WK 7600 vs CTK 7200

    By the way I played with Yamaha psr 950 so which one is most similar.
  8. I am getting one of them but not sure which one I will be using it for composing music not live play and obviously the one with most options would be preferable especially in the sequencer department ,I guess sound are same quality on both of them?
  9. Sequencer /voices

    When I control xw p1 with external sequencer it goes to gm voices ,how can I change individual voices on xw using midi settings.
  10. I am thinking of getting cubase or auria to record with my xw p1 on iPad not sure which one yet does any of you guys have experience with one of those apps.
  11. Sd card

    What card size you use for p1 I have 8 gig one I am thinking 32gig do i need it.
  12. Sd card

    What card size you use for p1 I have 8 gig one I am thinking 32gig do i need it.
  13. Patterns and voices

    Thank you now is clear I wanted to change voice in the patterns i.e bass or solo 1 which I did solo 2 chord voice ect.
  14. Patterns and voices

    I can change one voice in my patterns solo 1 what about others and if possible how?
  15. Patterns

    Thank you