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  1. Listen up all keyboard bashers out there. The MZX500 is like a pure breed beast waiting to be tamed to show what it is capable of. People just try factory presets and are lazy to start tweaking sounds. I HAVE TAMED THE BEAST AND THE RESULTS ARE SPECTACULAR. Stop bashing such a brilliant product.

    Hi, Scott. Any hope for a CASIO PX7S ? The Px5s is almost perfect, but I have been dreaming about a PX7S with more sounds, expression pedal capabilities, full drawbars for organs, leslie sim incorporated and the ability to layer 24 sounds at the same time and of course a sequencer. I hope Mr. Martin listens to Casio fans like me and comes up with the ultimate keyboard from Casio. I would be so happy !

    This is my review of Casio PX5S after 2 years of playing and editing its sounds. The only word that can define this divine musical instrument is SUBLIME. When I purchased it I was impressed by the sounds and the editing capabilities. Then I started downloading more sounds from the site and the new sounds file that Mr. Martin provided. A new musical journey started at that moment. I learned the ins and outs of this instrument and the results were amazing. I had a Korg Krome that I had tweaked for more than three years thinking that it would deliver what I wanted. I began to have big doubts when I composed the same songs on my beloved Casio PX5S and compared it to the Korg side by side. The Korg sounded like a toy next to this Casio PX5S !!! I beg Mr. Martin to give us the Casio PX7S with the same features but on steroids. Please Casio Corporation, you have a lollapalooza of an instrument here, a dilly. Make its bigger brother , the PX7S to make us happy for all eternity!!!

    I want to recreate the introduction of the song, in other words, the main melody. Please tell me which sounds or mix of sounds are appropriate. My guess is that somehow they used a sound similar to the Oberheim OPX vst that I already have. The question is what sound does the original song use in the introduction?
  5. Hi, Mr. Martin. I would like to play the song I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder. I have been trying to mix the right sound on my PX5S, but so far I have not been able to come close. Please tell me what sounds on the Stage settings should I use and what changes and parameters I should use to sound similar to the original. Thank you again and sorry for taking up your time, I know you are a busy person.

    This is just an invitation to all musicians to check the wonderful instruments Casio is offering to the public. I think the competition must be green with envy because Mike Martin and his staff have been able to come up with keyboards that will live forever in the music market. Casio beats Korg, Yamaha and Roland hands down. All those people who criticize the perfection of the Mzx500 are just haters who cannot stand seeing a real winner. Mr. Mike Martin deserves a special government award for representing what the American dream is about. Mr. Martin is the most knowledgeable manager we have ever seen and I would bet my bottom dollar that he will be promoted again. Mr. Mike Martin and Casio Mzx500 are ready to take the world by storm. I am looking forward to buying more Casio keyboards. I am sure we will have more wonders coming from Casio in 2017. You are invited to post your comments and experience of having the Mzx500.
  7. Well, I am basically new to these forums but not new to Casio history of keyboards. I am a proud owner of the magnificient PX5S and also the PX560. When I saw the MZx500 I took the plunge faster than you can slap a tick because I knew Casio had another winner. I have never seen a product with so many features and excellent sounds at this price point. Casio is the only company that cares about its customers and I am not just whistling Dixie here. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Mr. Mike Martin is the personification of what a real manager should be like. He is so passionate when it comes to demonstrating Casio keyboards because I know he believes in what this company can do. And now I am a firm believer. I sold all my Korg keyboards and now I only have my Casios, Px5s, Px560 and Mzx500. I do not need anything else. I have been able to produce spectacular music with these keyboards. I am in love with Casio and I want to thank again Mike Martin and Casio for doing what other companies call the impossible : bringing real joy to all customers. Long live Casio corporation !!
  8. Mr. Martin, my comparison between Px5s and Korg Krome

    Well, I am at the music store right now and I have just purchased the Px560 and got it for just 900 dollars. Lucky day I guess. I am buying this keyboard just for the strings and the built in speakers. I am a happy camper now. I will be writing a review soon. Thanks for your reply anyways.
  9. Mr. Martin, my comparison between Px5s and Korg Krome

    What I meant is to really give all Px5s users the same strings you find on the Px560. Those strings are much better than the ones you get from the download sections or extra sound files for the Px5s. I tested the Px560 and the strings were much better than anything offered for free on these forums. Mr. Martin could create a file of these Px560 strings for us Px5s users, unless doing so would hurt Px560 sales? Please Mr. Martin, reply to this post and let me know if it is possible to get the Px560 strings for the Px5s. If this is not possible , I will have to fork out like a 1000 bucks to buy the Px560. I am just trying to find a way to save money!!!
  10. Hi, I am basically new to these forums. My name is Cesar. I have been playing synths for more than 20 years and now it is the time to compare this beautiful Casio Privia Px5s to the Korg Krome. I do not mean to put the Krome to shame or something. I have been tweaking sounds on both keyboards for more than a month and these are my conclusions : 1-The Casio Px5s can get the warmest pads of the two. Consider using different filters and editing capabilities on both keyboards and no matter what you do on the Krome, the Px5s blows it out of the water when it comes to evolving pads. I have no idea how Casio or Mike Martin did it but that is the truth and IMHO the Casio can produce the most beautiful evolving pads I have ever heard. 2-The keys on the Casio Px5s make a big difference as well. Incredibly, the pads on the Krome improved somehow when I controlled it with the Px5s! Those keys are pure gold, period.. 3-It is true, the Krome is also capable of giving you nice string sounds and pads, but at the end of the day, the Casio Px5s is my favorite. Please Mr. Martin, can you come up with more string sounds for the Casio Px5s, I mean strings similar to the ones you find on the PX560? If you do it, you will be taking us Px5s users to another level. To conclude, I love both keyboards for what they do, but the Px5s is the deal, those pads are out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any thoughts Mr. Martin?
  11. BUYING THE PX560

    I already have the Px5s but I also want to buy the Px560. I have read the list of differences but my question is if it would be kind of redundant to buy the Px560. Money is no object and besides these Casio Px5s and Px560 are cheaper in my country than in the USA. Px5s goes for 700 american dollars and Px560 goes for 800 dollars. Please be as accurate as possible .

    Mr. Mike Martin : I am writing to you in order to first congratulate you on the Casio Px5s, what a keyboard, I am so proud to have it now. My question is this : the Casio Px560 is out in my country now. I would like to buy it too. Am I doing the right thing or it would be kinda redundant? I know it has the hex layers, but I tried it in the store when I was waiting for the salesman to bring my Casio PX5s and to tell you the truth I also loved it! Please help me out to make my decision, sir. Will having both keyboards give me the edge? I would be using both keyboards for my gigs, bossa nova, jazz, easy listening. Thank you for your reply and again congratulations on giving musicians magnificent instruments such as the Casio PX5s and Px560.
  13. Hi, I am a new happy owner of the beautiful Casio Px5s. I was so lucky that I got it in my country for just 700 american dollars, brand new from a respected store here in Lima ,Peru. I am an old man who is not used to downloading programs into keyboards. I heard the demo of the Strings created by Mike Martin and I liked them a lot. I downloaded the zip and it is on my computer now. What do I have to do next? I have a USB drive. Please be so kind as to explain to me how to do this step by step. I read the manual but I do not understand the technicalities. If I happen to be lucky again and Mike Martin reads my post, I have to tell you this sir : You have created a keyboard that deserves to cost three time as much, such a great work of art. I fell in love with this instrument at once. I was expecting a great keyboard but to my surprise I got something that excels the definition of great, this is a monumental instrument. My next move will be buying the Privia Px 560! Looking forward to hearing from the gentlemen who usually participate here.