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  1. Casio 330 stretch tuning

    Hello...a recent problem for me is that my privia 330 keyboard is out of tune with the other instruments in my band...I discovered that by switching the stretch tuning to off, it corrects the problem, but I have to do this every time I turn the unit on...called Casio, they told me the default setting for stretch tuning is off...I tried a factory reset on the unit, and I still get an on as the default setting...not an end of the world problem, but any thoughts as to why this would occur after many years of use? Thanx
  2. Did you resolve this problem?...I have been playing with this same keyboard,recording stuff, getting frustrated, so maybe I can tell you something...lemme know
  3. Transfer midi files

    Ok...thank you!
  4. Hi..sorry to butt into this topic, but I had a similar question that I posted in the privia 330 keyboard discussions ,to no replies...I'm assuming that this midi vs cms.issue also holds true for me...I saved my songs as midi on the sd card, then can no longer edit them on the keyboard...so is the solution to save them as cms files?...is it possible to save them as both on the sd card? Thanx in advance...brendan
  5. Split Volumes

    Hi...along the same lines...if I play back midi files for yours sd card, can I adjust the volume of these(using them as a backing track) and play along live at a different volume? Thanx
  6. Transfer midi files

    Hello...new here...if I transfer song files as midi files onto an sd card,can they be transferred back to the privia 330, either to be modified on the keyboard or simply stored in piano memory...can't understand the manual...thanx