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  1. Let's go crazy

    Does anyone have a hex layer that will work for the funky organism sound in the intro of Prince's Let's go Crazy?...I know the original was not an actual organ.
  2. is it possible to trigger a sequence with the end of and audio file?...if so How would I do that? Using a XW-P1
  3. Too Much Time on My Hands

    Anyone got an idea how to get the Intro synth sound on Too Much Time on My Hands by STYX? I have the Bass part but I need the descending bell like wooshy phasy thing that starts the song. Using a P1.
  4. Backing track sampling

    Is there a way to input a backing track from my iphone and record it as a phrase so I can play it back without the iphone?
  5. File wont load

    thank you...I do have a P1 I will reformat the card...Sorry for the confusion...the learning curve is a bit steeper than I realized...but it is coming along.
  6. File wont load

    So I downloaded this patch/file....PX-THX...it's a .ZPF...but it won't load...so I select Performance...Menu...card load...select the file...select the user location...enter...yes...and I get error WRONG DATA...what am I doing wrong?
  7. File wont load

    Ok...all that makes sense...but...now I get [error] wrong data...press exit...hmmmm
  8. File wont load

    One file is...Won't Get Who.ZPF...There are a few others all downloaded from this forum...all with .ZPF extension...all in the Musicdat folder.
  9. File wont load

    after formatting a card, I downloaded a couple of files...tried to load them and I got a message that there were no files...what should I do now?