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  1. low volume depending on the cable

    well, no replies, so I did some digging around on the net, and everyone says that I should get a passive di box for a keyboard, not an active. So I went to local Gutiar Center yesterday and bought a LIve Wire passive DI Box. Plugged it in and it cuts my volume down over 50 percent! Not what I want! Going to take it back and wonder if I should try another Active DI box. I am so lost and this Casio needs something because straight into the mixer is not working. It will start off ok, but over time, I lose volume. Weird. Thinking I may need to look for a different synth.
  2. low volume depending on the cable

    My DI box is now causing major problem. When I plug it in to mixer or my own powered speaker it is making an awful loud hum. My keyboard doesn't even have to be plugged into it. Has my box gone bad? Battery is good and strong. Have toggled the ground switch , doesn't matter. Tried different xlr cables, doesn't matter.
  3. The Cars - Let's Go

    Thought I'd post this. We had an opportunity to record a few songs a couple months ago. I'm using Solo Synth 0-1 for "the sound".
  4. The Cars - Let's Go

    Thank you for the tips Brett, I will try them out. And thank you Brad as well.
  5. The Cars - Let's Go

    Thanks Brett. Just downloaded it. Sorry to say, it's not to my liking. I sure do appreciate your efforts though! Brad has the sound nailed but it's a flat sound, not the "baaoo baaoo baaoo" I'm looking for. SoloSynth patch 0-1, while it doesn't sound as good as brad's, does have some of the characteristic I'm talking about, and in the end, is still the more useful patch. I wish I could tweak it a bit, cuz it has too much fuzzy distortion in it.
  6. The Cars - Let's Go

    no, I guess it doesn't, I mean the correct sound is there, and your demo has that "baaoo baaoo baaoo" effect, but I guess that part didn't translate well to the XW-P1. Still, with what I have, can you recommend any parameters to tweek to get it?
  7. The Cars - Let's Go

    Ok Brad, I transferred your patch to my Casio, and while the tone is darn near perfect, it's still basically a flat solid tone. It's not doing that "baaooo baaaoo baaaoo" on each note. Which parameter would I need to tweek to get that effect?
  8. The Cars - Let's Go

    LOL! ok. I'll try tweeking it some when I get home tonight and if that fails, will download your patch. By the way, your patch sounds excellent! Now, to try to use this editor thing, do I just need a USB cable to my pc?
  9. The Cars - Let's Go

    I guess the sound is more like "baaoo baaoo baaoo" , not wah wah. lol! Hard to describe sounds in writing.
  10. The Cars - Let's Go

    nevermind my last message. I figured that part out and have completed all your instructions. The sound is just a flat sound though, it's not doing that "wah wah" thing that is unique to this patch. Am I missing something?
  11. The Cars - Let's Go

    Thank you Brett! Ok, I am trying to follow the instructions and am on the first user patch 0-0. I hit Edit and was able to set Syn1 as you stated. I don't see where you enable Syn2, I don't see how to even get to Syn2.
  12. The Cars - Let's Go

    Hey guys. I've had my xwp1 for a few months now and am just really lost on how to tweak patches on it. I was wondering if any of you would be inclined to show me how to take the patch SoloSynth 1 which is located at 0-1 and tweek it to sound more like the synth in the song Let's Go by the Cars. It sounds nice as it is but it's not quite there. If somebody could play with this and then show me exactly how he did it, it would be a great stepping stone to help me understand how to go about something like this. Here is a youtube link of the song:
  13. low volume depending on the cable

    holy moly batman! I got my Behringer DI box and have just tested it out. FANTASTIC!! You guys are the best, thanks again.
  14. low volume depending on the cable

    Oh, didn't know this. My two other boards, Yamaha s90 and now my Roland RD700sx both have em. So, there is a balanced quarter inch out? So why didn't Casio make that with this synth?
  15. low volume depending on the cable

    Thanks guys. I just bought the Behringer silver one from Amazon. Yes! Thankfully not a pricey piece of gear!! Most of our gigs we don't need the snake, but I will be ready next time we do! Question, why didn't Casio make this rig with XLR outputs? No room?