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  1. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    Yes, I tried and started with one package of nearly 100 rhythms. Some of them are really nice, at least for me.
  2. Assignable Knobs K1 & K2

    Hi Casiokid, press K1 (K2) field and in the new window in Target field 1 select Upper 2 on/off and again in Target field 2 select Upper 2 on/off. This way you can switch Upper 2 On by turning that knob to right and Off by turning it left.
  3. Assignable Knobs K1 & K2

    I use them for switching Upper 2 and Lower 2 tones ON/OFF. (I have all 4 tones - Upper and Lower, 1 and 2 - set for right hand.)
  4. After up date v1.50

    What happens if you save tone or rhythm to flash drive? Can you save it? Can you see it there? Can you load/import it?
  5. After up date v1.50

    Have you selected correct data type for importing? Everything else is working correctly, only flash drive handling is strange?
  6. Casio MZ-X

    Here is the Appendix: http://support.casio.com/storage/en/manual/pdf/EN/008/Web_MZX300APPEND-WL-1A_EN.pdf And here all MZ-X300 documents: http://support.casio.com/en/manual/manualfile.php?cid=008010002
  7. Closest thing to MZ-X500 ??

    The closest Casio keyboard related to MZ-X500 is MZ-X300.
  8. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    Hi Rick, I have imported Yamaha BCS, PRS, STY and SST styles and it was always done automatically with that channel assignments you mentioned, without any tweaking. I am very happy with that feature. Ladislav
  9. Hi Steve, congratulation to your keyboard and nice story. BTW, what doesn't work now - keyboard or power supply? Have a wonderful day Ladislav
  10. Well I "almost" got one! - From Bax

    Hi, my X300 came with power supply, music stand, manual and some other papers, like Satefy Precautions, in many languages. No tutorial, no DVD. I think that with X500 it is the same. But missing original power supply... it looks quite bad... What about warranty? Wouldn't it be better to return this one and buy a „sure“ new X300 for less money?
  11. Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    For not buying X500 there are not only expectations missed by it. Sure there are such high demanding people. But there are also people with lower expectations/demands, maybe less creative with songs, tones and rhythms (like me), who don't nead hex layers and many illuminated multifunctional pads with chord progression. For them there is X300 here.
  12. Recording phrases

    Brad, thank you very, very much. It works. And it looks really simple now. Ladislav
  13. Recording phrases

    Thanks, Brad, but I am still doing something wrongly. Here are photos of keyboard display. On the first one you can see, that Guitar Set and Clean Guitar is selected for recording. When playing now on keyboard, Elec.Organ4 would sound (it is Upper 1). On the fifth photo - just before recording - you can see Temporary instead of Clean Guitar. And on the last photo - just after recording - there is Elec.Organ4 tone recorded. Phrase tone enable On or Off has no impact on this behaviour. Changing pad parts for recording has also no impact. How can I change pad parts and their tones for playback? Because setting Select > Part (Enter) > any part number after recording has no impact on tone - it is apparently not playback setting, just setting for possible next record.
  14. Recording phrases

    I need advice from experienced users here. I would like to record phrase with another tone than Upper 1, e.g. Sax or Trumpet when Upper 1 is Elec. Piano. Even in tutorial there are no details about how to record such phrases. I tried it many times and everytime the phrase was recorded with Elec. Piano tone, although I selected BigBand Sax, some Guitar or Voice. Just once I think I got normal piano tone when Strings selected. But I am not able to repeat even this experience. I just saw that Phrase tone enable should be Off to get all notes sequence as played during recording. When set to On, notes played during pad playback depend on chords played in accompaniment. Please, can somebody advice me in detail all settings for recording phrase with another tone than Upper 1?
  15. Pad synchronizing

    Thank you very much, Brad Ladislav