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  1. Studiologic VFP2/15 Dual Pedal

    At the end I got the VFP2/15 dual pedal, it works fine.
  2. Are anybody using this pedal in the title? It is a dual sustain pedal with 2 cables and I want to buy it. Since I had a bad experience with a Roland one that often when releasing the pedal didn't stop sustain, I would like to avoid any other bad surprises. Another pedal I could buy is the M-Audio SP-DUAL, anyone knows it?
  3. Sibilant Noise

    I have found something similar in a layer of the "Super PX" Stage Setting. Not exactly the same, but it's a good starting point. Is there a way in the editor to keep all the setting for a layer and change just the wave? It could be very useful sometimes.
  4. Sibilant Noise

    Hi everybody, could you help me to make this sound? Maybe it is a guitar, I don't know, but I would like to have it on a key for a cover song. SIBILANT NOISE.mp3
  5. Some questions about effects and sounds

    Thank you algx, very clear, but what I mean about first question is that sometimes I find default tones with chorus, delay and reverb all at 127, that is not a good live set. So I would like to have an idea about which values it is better not to overcome, just for a starting point. For the second question you have centered the point, but what I need is a practice example. In the case of an Alto sax, I found that a little choir in the background helps a little to swell the sound and I wish to put together just another tone, but I don't know wich one will sound better, maybe a triangle wave or a saw one? another one? Experimenting all the chances could be exhausting, so here again I would like to listen to an expert opinion. Actually the third question is not very important, I am just curious to see what users think not to have in the PX5S... maybe a cup of coffee?
  6. I know that the best way is to experiment case by case, but I am looking for some hints and tricks to start and save time to play instead of programming. I will appreciate very much any help. 1. Which values of reverb, chorus and delay you consider reasonable for pads, strings, brasses and solos in a live performance with a little band (four or five elements)? 2. Is there a way to swell a solo sound that seems too tiny, for example an alto sax? 3. Which expander or little keyboard you find to be more complementary to PX5S in a pop/rock band?
  7. Pedal 2 to switch Zone on and off

    Hi Ebonivor, nice surprise! I did not expect this explanation, you gave me a couple of answers to some questions that I was wondering. Thanks a lot!
  8. Pedal 2 to switch Zone on and off

    I got it, ON and OFF rate must be both at 127. Thank you!
  9. Pedal 2 to switch Zone on and off

    Thanks for the answer BradMZ, it's ok, my pedal 2 target is "Zone On/Off" the min and max value are set to 0 and 127 respectively, the On Rate and Off Rate are set to 0 and 127 and the edit>stage setting>zone>controller>pedal enable....is ON for the zone I want to switch and OFF for the others....... but It doesn't work, I also tried with System-Stage Set Filter-Pedal 2 at ON and then at "Stage Inc", but neither of them works. That pedal seems to work fine just like Pedal 1 (sustain) and not for other purposes. Tomorrow I'll ask a friend of mine to lend me another switch pedal and I'll do another test. Auff, what a stress! but I love too much this keyboard and don't want give up it now.
  10. Pedal 2 to switch Zone on and off

    I know has been passed three years now, I'm sorry, but I don't understand which was your error and how did it work since nobody gave you a valid solution. I am having the same issue with the switch pedal that comes with PX5S, engaged as pedal 2. I set up everything as you said but I can't manage to switch on/off the zone, maybe it is not the right pedal or maybe there are some other set to do, I don't understand. Finally BradMZ said there is no way to turn ON one zone, and AT THE SAME TIME, turn OFF a different zone.....all with ONE press of Pedal 2. Is it still like it or has something changed in these years? It would be great!