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  1. The last in the series of Casio XW-G1 Beats/Loops/Grooves. This keyboard is great for getting ideas down and is great for the price with the only features that seem to lacking being: 1. longer samping time at 42khz 2. longer real time step sequencing. The FuzzyHarmonix preset (P:090) has been great for inspiring me to raise my synth-solo game. Peace!
  2. Hi! Thanks for the feedback. The videos that you speak of are not meant to be "instructional videos" as such, but I do get people asking me which chords I use so I place the overlay on there so people can pause and copy without me having to go back and check what I played. I'm just sharing the fun that I can have with a £200 casio keyboard. "Share your music here" is the name of the thread and I find it amazing that a casio keyboard can make music that is so close to the sound that I want to make. What can I say? Sharing is addictive. I've tried to stop. Yes I could have uploaded mp3s instead of videos but I happen to prefer videos plus having a link to YouTube means I am not adding to any bandwidth issues with people downloading large files. If I do create any instructional videos then I will take onboard your advice about having an insert of the screen. Thanks, Peace!
  3. Live looping with vocal sample on a soulful tip. Still wishing that Casio made it possible to record more than one bar in real time. This groove would have needed four bars (64 steps). I'm actually just curious to know how much more expensive the unit would have been if the step sequencer function allowed for longer realtime recording like an electribe would do. Peace!
  4. Some Broken Jazz Fusion Groove Sampling with a little bit of improv on top. Peace!
  5. Smooth Grroove Sampling. This loop had me begging for more sample time. This was recorded in stereo 22K which meant I could only have 2 bars at 84bpm. This wasn't a problem until the last layer where the phrase needed to be 4 bars long to give the groove a nicer sense of shape. Still fun. Peace!
  6. More Groove Sampling with the G1 Sample Looper. Peace!
  7. Hi! Yes, the G1 sample looper. Thanks
  8. Rap Beat using the Step Sequencer and Chain function along with some mixer dropouts to create the verse and chorus feels. Peace!
  9. Hip Hop Groove using the XW-G1 Peace!
  10. More than 16 steps possible

    If they/casio could make this work without a PC, it would change things majorly. Even just a two bar (32 Step) groove. It would open out the possibilities to create music with soul on the fly. Congrats on your solution, though! Peace!
  11. More fun with the Casio Looper Peace!
  12. Smooth Mellow Groove <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/GWX9p_g_R2A" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Peace! Cant' find where to delete this post??
  13. Smooth Mellow Groove https://youtu.be/GWX9p_g_R2A Peace!