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  1. Low output volume

    Same here, it seems the P1 need an amp before the mixer or more gain in it Vs other intruments. But I think this is because even I play the 16 channel near the max, i never here distorsion etc ... may be the p1 have some security head room ? Also, check the master and eq section, it will "boost" your P1 sound. Ps : sorry for my bad english
  2. CZ-P1

  3. SinCZwave (Solo Synth)

  4. Djerazore Great gift PACK. August 2014

    OMG I'm soory Thx a lot
  5. V1.11 firmware update

    Yes, i see, update done again with the new one... Perfect. My "mic in" seems to be different (again), but it's probably me ....
  6. V1.11 firmware update

    Ok, so may i ask ? firmeware 1.10 or not ? plz ps : the flash is good, may be not the new firmware, it took me 3 weeks to see one bug.And i think there's more than 3 or 4 users with bugs
  7. V1.11 firmware update

    anyone try to go back to 1.10 ? anyone can upload it PLZ ?
  8. V1.11 firmware update

    Hi, my firmware update (since 4 weeks) was easy; no problem... But I have some issues now... The CASIO WEB SITE : [Firmware Update] XW-*1 - Version 1.11 = Under Maintenance.I think they know ...
  9. A real "metronome" fonction, assignable to the headphones out ...
  10. Problem USB connection

    Hi, xwp1 isn't usb powered so keep the AC power supply connected to XW-P1. after the first time, xwp1 can be connected when is "on".(don't use a hub and don't use an "extra long" cable) For the first time, windows have to detect and install, so it should take a fiew minuts. Don't forget to instal the Data Editor for XW-P1. After that, the settings depend on what you want to do (master keyboard, slave with a sequencer ...) but anyway, the data editor works and detect the xwp1. By default, the usb settings lets you do it ...(page e-79)
  11. Manual.