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  1. Setting up PX 350 as Optional Midi Controller

    Makes sense, Charles, but, IMHO, then there should be a button or shortcut for those of us who want to use the board as a midi controller.
  2. Setting up PX 350 as Optional Midi Controller

    Well now I find I can't even get it to default to the MIdi setting with Local Control OFF, so I have to go through this each time I boot up. Is this right?
  3. Setting up PX 350 as Optional Midi Controller

    Thanks Jokeyman, I'm working my way through it. That's disappointing, and there's not even a shortcut to the MIDI Local Control page. O well, I'll get used to it. As it is, I find the pianos are too "bell-like" through the speakers. I've been trying to work on settings but can't change it much. So I'll probably use the PX 350 as a dedicated midi controller most of the time, only using the speakers when the Korg Arranger is not there (still in my vehicle or in its bag). You can set the Korg Arranger up so the midi controller operates just like the keybed of the Arranger itself, so more complex settings are not necessary. I love the key feel, so expressive.
  4. My 350 arrives on Thursday. I plan to use it partly as a stand alone digital piano and partly as a midi controller for my Korg arranger. Can I store the midi controller settings in a registration? How easy is it going to be to switch between the two set ups?