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  1. Help with MZ 2000 registration

    As an update, Aside from the external mixer settings, I think I can confirm that what ever it is, it is to do with the master reverb and chorus not storing correctly.I can edit a registration, save it, go to a different registration and then go straight back again to find that all the master dsp levels have changed.I have DSP hold set to on, and all of the mixer options set to on. Anyone else found this with their MZ?
  2. Hey there Hey i was wondering if i get some assistance with trouble shooting saving registrations on my MZ 2000 I cannot get mine to retain external mixer settings and some of the dsp settings. With the dsp, if i save a registration to say 1-1, and then change to a different registration say 1-2 and then go back to 1-1, some of the dsp will not be as was saved as. Levels and settings will be different. The only way around it is to reset all parameters and then go to the registration i want but that is not good when playing live. With the external mixer settings, when i back up the mz to disk, none of the external parts are saved. The external parts also do not save as part of a registration. I have enabled every "ON" i can find in dsp and the mixer and menus. The dsp is the real deal breaker for me right now as i cant tell what is going to happen when i change registrations live. If you can help that would be awesome
  3. Hey thanks so much Brad! I had to use the data editor to find the filters but once i did its all good Cheers man !
  4. Hi everyone I am having problems getting my P1 to save perf settings involving octave and arps. When i set the octave to -2 and set a user arp of say 0-1. That setting is applied to all perfomances. So any performances that have an arp in it all have the same arp. My performances all use different user arps. If i try and set a different arp for each user performance, in the sequencers heading, the last arp i saved is the one applied to all ther performances when i change perf patches. So essentially, i can only save one arp for all performances. What ever arp settings i apply to one user perf is applied to all other performances too like arp on/off, tempo etc. I have just updated to 1.11 to see if it would help but its still the same. Im sure it is most likey a user error so if anyone can help out that would be great.
  5. Hmmmm, Ill keep looking in to it. Thank you for your help though guys
  6. Izera custom Hex layer on the XW-P1

    Cheers David
  7. Strange Games by Izera

    Cheers The XW synths are great. I think they have a very "Casio" sound to them yet are able to emulate many classic synths easily.
  8. Hi there, I am wanting to sync all my midi gear to the XW-P1 so by changing the patch number on the XW they all changes at the same time. So I can change patches on all gear simultaneously from the XW. If this can be done, how would I do this? Any assistance would be great
  9. Hello As many of you would know, the XW-P1 hex layer feature is a great thing. Hear is an improv track I made using a super dirty hex layer+DSP setting. Love that Casio.
  10. Long time Casio user and first time poster In my band named IZERA, we use the Casio XW-P1, XW-G1 and the MZ-2000. We are a synthrock band from Australia. This is our newest song called Strange Games. It was made nearly entirely using the XW-P1. The MZ-2000 and real guitars were used minimally to keep up band input but the whole song could very easily been done using only the XW-P1. I cant talk the XW-P1 up enough. Its fantastic onstage and in the studio. Here is the link to the song........Enjoy
  11. Hi fellow Casio XW users My first post here I have sliced loops and one shot samples and I would like to map them across the keyboard of my G1. How would that best be done? I will use an SD card to store and load samples. Any help, linkks or videos would be great. Thanks heaps