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  1. Hi Gary, I was getting on fine with the G1 really enjoying getting to grips with it but for sure its going to take a fair amount of time and effort from my side before that properly happens. Im on rotational leave for a month now so thats everything on hold until I get back to work. An added bonus was I saw another G1 for sale on ebay and managed to get it for £177 so I have one to use in the UK now when and if I ever get back home. Scott.
  2. Well I'll post this for anyone in two minds if they should buy one of these machines. I can't play a note but this was my second time using the G1.... Sorry internet is so poor I cant get the video to upload
  3. Gary, Thanks went back to the shop and they called someone in Casio and its all sorted happy days!!
  4. Gary, No way i can post a vid the internet on the island is rubbish it wont upload. Its in solo synth mode ive tried editing and in the step sequencer too but nothing. I went into the shop yesterday and did exactly the same on the P1 they have and it worked fine so I'm going to take it back. How do you do the factory reset? I thought this would have been done when I upload the firmware to 1.1?? Scott
  5. Hi Larry, I tried all this yesterday before I posted but nothing from the sliders or the 4 knobs which is why I was wondering if there was maybe a setting turned off?? I don't want to go back to the shop unless I have to as they were worse than useless to begin with.... Scott
  6. Hi thought I'd give a quick update...... I've managed to purchase a G1 from the local shop unfortunately they told me their supplier no longer stocks th G1 so I had to take the demo....still really pleased with it but not even had time to scratch the surface yet. I realised I had the old software version so upgraded the firmware software today but i have another concern. Im not managing to hear any change from trying to use the sliders or the 4 knobs can someone explain what I'm doing wrong or is it possible someone using these function have disabled them completely? Scott......
  7. So much info and help thanks to all..... I'm hopefully going back to the shop tomorrow if I get time..... fully armed with enough info to give the XWs a good look over and sort out speakers or order online... Scott
  8. Managed to drop into the shop for a visit tonight but the upstairs was closed so I couldn't have another look at the WX or for speakers. I took a local lad with me who play guitars and during our discussion's it came to light that most of the guitars are fake?? I'm not sure if this extends to the keyboards can anyone advise how I could tell I'm even more confused now??!!!!! :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  9. Guys thanks again for taking the time to answer and help me out.... I haven't managed to get back to the shop as I've been finishing late so not sure if they even have a PX-5S. I'm still draw towards the XW-G1 although I do hope with some practice I will be able to knock out a few tunes. Also there seems to be limited help and tutorial videos for this so I'm inclined to go with a P1 just because there seems to be more help out there using it. oh and by the way no the women at the shop didn't know were the demo buttons were.....I did ask!! Hopefully I'll get chance to visit tomorrow.......
  10. Gary, Thanks I'll have a look but the problem I've got is getting the stuff delivered to the island im on I'll try the shop see if they will order it in. Scott
  11. Ok thanks people for all the advice and comments much appreciated...... Budget wise I'm not restricted but don't want to shell out on thousands of pounds on equipment because once my contract finishes (ok a couple of years from now at least) I've to try and hump the lot back to Scotland or abandon it. Basically for sure don't use a guitar amp but I can get away with monitors, a separate amp and maybe a small pair of speakers or no speakers and just use headphones....or a stereo but would need an AUX input? I'm sort of more leaning towards the G1 as judging by the comments I could maybe use it as an addition to my decks when I'm playing back home. I'll try and find some more demonstrations of each one and decide. Scott
  12. Hi all, I'm new to this site and I'm looking for some help and advice...... I work on a remote island in Malaysia and I've been thinking of purchasing a P1 or G1 to help me pass the time in the evenings. There is a music shop on the island which have both in stock but nobody in the shop can play or knows how to use them to give me a proper demonstration. I can't play the keyboards but have always wanted to learn and I think I've sorted out someone who can give me lessons. Questions Do you think I'm biting off more than I can chew i.e. these would be too advanced for me starting out? I do play the old vinyl 1210s just a home DJ but I fancy trying to make my own music. Which one would be better P1 or G1 I've done a fair bit of watching tutorial vids but don't really understand a lot of the features and what they actually do so I'm not sure which would be best?? Finally what should I play it through the girl in the shop just suggested a guitar amp but she also told me there was no difference between the two apart from the colour!!!! would it be better with a decent set of monitor speakers or would that not work?? Thanks in advance for anyone who can take the time and effort to help me out....... Scott