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  1. If you want to record the audio from your keyboard, you need to use the audio outs and connect them or the headphone jack to your computer. You might need an interface to do that, depending on the Mac model. Some do have audio inputs. If you have one, you can connect with the right cable. MIDI only sends data such as Note On, Note Off, and what note it is.
  2. But Casio did announce new products at NAMM in January. There was even a thread about it. I get why some here might be disappointed with those announcements. Those aren't really products on my radar, either. But that doesn't mean Casio has been quiet as far as EMI. I wouldn't expect nor want them to announce too many new products at once nor even close together as that can cause some products to be lost in the shuffle. Also, Music Meese is a different market than NAMM. Casio sells different products in different regions so what gets a big push in the U.S. might not even be available in Europe or something.
  3. I didn't think it came back on once you turned it off, but I haven't checked in a while.
  4. Have you tried plugging in the headphones and removing them again? There's a switch in there to disconnect the internal speakers, and perhaps it's getting stuck. Reinserting and removing the headphones may free it.
  5. Are you running firmware version 1.13? If so, see some other threads on the topic. But for most people, once they are running 1.13 the problem goes away. The other threads have a link to a survey about this if you are running 1.13. Put the update on a USB stick and do the update even if you have it.
  6. Maybe this guy is doing it.
  7. The PX-860 should work with newer versions of macOS. Get a copy of MIDI Monitor (it's free) and see if it shows MIDI data when you use the 860 with your Mac.
  8. Hold down the Function button, and press the lowest F key to lower by half steps, press the lowest F# to raise by half steps.
  9. It may depend on the organ tone you are using. Try the sustain pedal.
  10. Check under System Settings and see if the speakers are enabled. The internal and external speakers are the first two items when you go to that area. Another thing to try is to insert and remove the headphones from the headphone jack a few times. There is a switch in there that disables the speakers when using headphones, and it is possibly stuck. Make sure to try both headphone jacks.
  11. Capo - available on iOS and Mac AudioStretch - iOS, don't know about other platforms Anytune Pro+ - iOS, don't know about other platforms
  12. Is Texas close enough? There's lots of info out there. Here, the FB group, Casio's YouTube videos, and all should get you started. The latter has links to lots of FAQs and videos.
  13. Isn't this due to the fact that the USB device is formatted as FAT? I suppose Casio could implement VFAT or something, but I don't know what that would introduce or if it would take up space they'd rather use for data.
  14. Mac OS X 10.6.8 is the latest version of Snow Leopard. I can't imagine how connecting your Grand Hybrid to your Mac via a USB cable would break anything. You should be fine.
  15. They had to get yours to you somehow, right? A quick search led me to this. There's a support page with service centers shown.