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  1. Can a Casio WK1200 be used a a MIDI controller?

    With what you describe, it should totally work. You may need the right driver for the MIDI to USB device, or it may just plug and play. I would try that first. I would also recommend MIDI Monitor in case you have problems. It will tell you if your Mac is seeing the MIDI data. One thing I'm not clear on is if you're trying to record the sounds generated in GarageBand with Studio One. I don't think there's a way to do that directly, but you could export the audio for each sound from GB and use that in Studio One I guess.
  2. Connecting to Chrome

    Are you talking about audio files recorded from your keyboards? They should be wav files and I would think even Chrome should recognize those. The USB drives themselves are formatted as FAT32, so it might depend if Chrome OS can read that disk format.
  3. CGP-700 Speakers audio level issue

    That is odd. The first thing I might suggest is to go into the settings and turn the external speakers off and try again. If the instrument sounds the same, then perhaps the external speakers are on but somehow aren't properly connected or working.
  4. CMF looks different today

    You are going nuts. But it is different. The forum software often has security updates and I guess the latest came with some visual changes as well.
  5. CGP700 - Connect to WIndows 10?

    If your PC system is class compliant then you may not need to download drivers, but you may need to be running a program that responds to MIDI. You might want to try an app like MIDIOX (I think that's how it's spelled - I'm a Mac guy) to see if the computer is recognizing MIDI at all and go from there.
  6. JK PX-5S Soundbank 1

    You're in the wrong place. If you have a CDP 130 there are other places on the forum to discuss it, and if you're generally looking for MIDI software, you need to ask in a topic area here that's more general.
  7. Music stand for PX560

    Hmmm. I would have thought it would be available at shopcasio.com but I'm not seeing that particular item at the moment.
  8. 560M completely hung.

    This is just a WAG but have you tried updating the firmware again? Maybe from the beginning downloading the file to make sure it's not corrupt.
  9. I have version 1.0.1 running on my MacBook Pro, and have had it on a few versions. I don't know how far back that went (I suppose I could look at the date of the application and figure out what version of macOS was latest back then). I also have a MacBook that runs 10.6.8 (the latest macOS that machine can run), but if I test it on that, I don't know if that would help you. Theoretically, it should run on any Intel-based Mac running whatever version on macOS the compatibility page says and later. The only thing that I can think of that might be an issue is 32 vs 64 bit processors, and since you say you have a Core Duo and not Core 2 Duo, maybe that's it.
  10. You can buy a good DI box from a company like Radial or Switchcraft (beware of cheap brands, those can be hit or miss) and then run to an XLR that runs to the mixer. Long cable runs of unbalanced cable can suck for your sound and I'm guessing that's what you're experiencing. Another option if you use multiple keyboards or sound sources is the Key Largo from Radial. I know - you just bought a mixer! But depending on your situation, it might be useful so I wanted to cover everything.
  11. Casio PX 560

    Oh duh, I guess that was Portuguese, not Spanish. I can see that now. I'm 0 for 2 in this thread...
  12. Casio PX 560

    erm, I used to know all that kind of crap...
  13. Casio PX 560

    No se que hablas Espanol, Scott. Yo tampoco.
  14. Eb

    Maybe. Does this happen with all stage settings? If you connect the PX-5S to a computer and look at the MIDI output with something like MIDI-OX (PC) or MIDI Monitor (Mac), does it show values that appear to be wrong, like always 0 or 127? If so, then it probably needs cleaning. Try Brad's technique of spraying compressed air down there if you can. He's posted about it in the past. If it works, that's much easier than taking the keyboard apart.
  15. SP32 pedals with a CGP700?

    I think I've seen the SP32 pedals attached to the CGP-700, but the sustain is unfortunately reversed. That means it sustains except when you press the pedal. I don't recall trying the other two. Overall, the SP32 and the SP33 are wired differently and I don't know of a way to make the SP32 work on newer models that use the SP33.