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  1. Mac OS X 10.6.8 is the latest version of Snow Leopard. I can't imagine how connecting your Grand Hybrid to your Mac via a USB cable would break anything. You should be fine.
  2. They had to get yours to you somehow, right? A quick search led me to this. There's a support page with service centers shown.
  3. Is there such a thing as "Casio Australia"? They would be the ones who could tell you if there are service centers on your little island.
  4. I've heard that some non-Apple camera connectors don't work. If you can try it with an actual Apple connector, that would be your best test. It's hard to tell if songbird got an Apple connector or changed USB cables. I'm guessing it's the former.
  6. Wow - that seems like a bad translation or a poor writer.
  7. First of all, I'm sorry you've had this issue, and worse for you, you can't get it fixed until you return north. That's too bad and I wish I could help you with it. However, I don't understand why you think what I have quoted above is necessary. While it does appear that some users have had this problem, others clearly have not. Why should you chase away other potential buyers of this keyboard because of something that might happen, or it might not? With lots of very happy users of this keyboard who seem to be in the majority, it seems like you want to deter new users from buying it until you decide that Casio has fixed the problem. OTOH, if you were supportive of the few users who do encounter this issue and encourage them to get it fixed under warranty so they don't have to live with it, that would be helpful and cool. It just seems that chasing people away for something that may or may not happen is a bit much. JMO.
  8. Often that's a dirty contact. Sometimes compressed air between the keys will fix it, there are other posts around here regarding how to do that. Since lots of the Casio models have the same technology as far as how the keys work, the threads can be in a number of topic areas. Search around. If you don't feel confident about opening it up and fixing it yourself if it comes to that, I would first recommend finding a tech that would do the work for you. You can contact Casio to find an authorized tech near you. Ideally, the tech would clean things up internally so that it will be unlikely the problem would occur again for a while.
  9. What are you trying to do with the MacBook Pro and the PX-150? I'm pretty sure the PX-150 is class-compliant, meaning it doesn't need anything special from the Mac to work as far as drivers, but since it's an older model I'm not 100% sure about that, only like 95%. You should be able to plug the PX-150 into the MBP, fire up GarageBand, create a software instrument track in GB, and begin playing and recording.
  10. I would say yes. I have a Stage Setting in my PX-5S that I set up to be the lower manual for my Nord Electro. Of course, I wanted it to make no sound, and to transmit the sliders over MIDI to be some of the lower manual drawbars. It was so easy and I did it so long ago I don't recall exactly how I did it!
  11. I'm sorry this has happened. You might have to return it and get it replaced under warranty. Did you buy it locally or online? Your dealer should be able to help you.
  12. My experience with the PX-350 is only peripherally, so I'll let someone more familiar help you. I just wanted to say that I'm glad you are able to use the 350 and I hope that Casio continues to make models that are accessible to the visually impaired. I am really excited about the touch screen models, and I hope they find a way to make them accessible for those with visual impairments. Good luck!
  13. Bug-Report

    A number of years ago I fired up an old Mac OS 9 Mac to retrieve some files. I ended up connecting to Dropbox to put the files where my current Mac could access them. File transfers didn't work, and for some reason, CDs I burned weren't readable. This past year, I had to do it again. This time, I could not access Dropbox. It seemed that it simply no longer worked in Mac OS 9 and whatever browsers I had on the old Mac. My point is, maybe this issue with Opera 12.02 is fixable, but it may not be. We're using some software package that simply comes this way. It might be possible for us or the developer to hack it so that it works for you, but that may be more trouble than anything. More than likely, *we* don't have the ability to fix it. It sounds like the version of Javascript that Opera is using is out of date. There isn't much that could be done if that's the case, and older versions of JS probably are a security risk. Sorry. Hopefully something will get worked out.
  14. Get the Casio, play it proudly, make everyone who sees it realize how great it is.