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  1. Hi Once again in an attempt to get my Casio working better with Sonar X1 Essentials & unable to find them on line, I have made drum maps for each of the drum sets available on the 7200. My goodness but it was tedious work, so I hope some others will find it useful!! Once downloaded, unzip the files and (in Windows 7) place in: C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Sonar X1 Essential\Drum Maps Where <your user name> is substituted by - yes you guessed it, your Windows user name! and Sonar X1 Essential is replaced by your version of the product. Once installed, they are available by clicking on the mixer output of your drum channel and selecting Drum Map Manager. I also included an OpenOffice Spreadsheet I made of the chart of Drum Sets Casio produced as a PDF. I found it easier to read and use while making the maps. Might be useful to see what each drum set has that's different. Dave. Drum Maps.zip
  2. Hi everyone Having looked and looked, and failing to find a suitable one, I took an instrument definition file created by Stephen Wilson for the 7000-7500 and edited it to fit the 7200, I hope someone will find it useful Apparently I'm not permitted to upload a file with extension .ins, so I've renamed it and added .txt to the end - so don't forget to remove that before adding it to Sonar or sequencer of choice! Casio_CTK-7200.ins.txt