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  1. I saw under "downloads" a place for "560" downloads. But I am not sure if those can be used for the "360". Hopefully there are some members that will know about this. I have never played either one. sorry, Szetek
  2. Hello Mr. Martin, I appreciate your post. Yes, I wish I could have asked you directly but I do not know how to reach you. On the one post back where I put this link > http://support.casio.com/storage/en/manual/pdf/EN/008/XWP1_midi_EN.pdf < I had found this information out after sifting through that document. I thought I had also found a place where I was able to stop the XW from sending while in the "Tone" mode but maybe it was a fluke. Either way I do appreciate the help and will continue on learning more ways to use the XW for my setup. All the very best. Szetek
  3. CZ-3000 Turns off

    I don't know if "Marco" has been back online or read these posts but I know that with low batteries or especially if they have a "short" from corrosion it can give you some issues like he described. Same with a power supply that is incorrect or not snug to the fit.
  4. CZ-3000 Turns off

    yep, I had a 5000 that was actually really beat up. I fixed it up and played it for awhile before I sold it.
  5. It is interesting as I am going through a lot of the XW that I might not had to I am thinking that there are a lot of possibilities in using the XW-P1 for controlling other synths or modules as there is no doubt that there are many types of Midi implementation that is accessible in directing from the XW. I know for many of us it is a good synth for getting real nice leads and pads but no doubt if someone were to start assigning those midi signals to places unknown that you could come up with some pretty great compilations. (Still looking forward to finding the controls that I had set to turn off some of the other midi signals). Once I learn where to turn them "off" I should be able learn how to assign them for other projects. Hope all are having a nice weekend....I will be turning it on again later and see if I need to reinstall those Moog patches that someone made..sorry, I forgot who it was that made those. i think they are pretty well known here though. Cheers, Szetek
  6. CZ-3000 Turns off

    Hi Marco, I have owned some pretty beat up old CZ's... This is what I would do first (you may have already but just in case) First go look up your power supply and make sure the specs are correct. I am not sure what country you are in but it might vary. Make sure you see it in writing..I can't remember if it says on the chassis or not. Then after you know the spces I would test the Power supply with a multi meter. check that off. Now go get the correct batteries to replace for this old boy, I believe it is 3 AA Batteries. But I will leave that one to you. Now if those batteries were nasty then you need your baking soda and do a quick read on cleaning the acid from the contacts and removing all rust. Then make sure you spray some contact cleaner on after you have cleaned the oxidation if needed. once that is checked off the list you now have a solid, correct spec adapter and the batteries for your internal memory are solid and making good contact . So now without putting the plug in the wall just check to see how your healthy adapter fits into the input on the chassis of the 3000. If all this is 100 percent then be ready to reset the keyboard if you get a chance...know the steps. And plug it all in. If you have already done "ALL" of this with no positive results then I suggest finding a young brilliant and hungry Keyboard tech. But personally I have cleaned up and sold about 3 of these and many people are not even aware they have AA Batteries ( double check the exact model) and I have cleaned up some pretty nasty messes and replaced a few keys. I have never had to take it to my Tech. I wish you well, Please let us know where you are in your project. Szetek
  7. "Also a way to do it"??? It has been so far the "only" way to get even close. Please, do list "any" other conventional ways to accomplish the task at hand And please re-read as I did not set the menu items (nrpn) to "OFF"> I set those both to "ON". If you do actually have a simple way for me to accomplish my task without some drawn out writing of a program then please. (Do Share). I am still amazed that I can not simply turn program changes "off" and be done with it. ( and as I also stated above I "did" set the "prog change" to "off"), >and that did not help at all. Please keep in mind I have spent days upon days and very late, long hours to get this far. You have referenced "earlier suggested", I did everything "suggested" earlier with no result. It sounds as if you have the "answers" but for some reason have chosen not to actually list any steps or Menu settings to stop the "Program Change". For instance you mention an "All Data File" or an "All settings File" but give no directions or script for me to use? I still believe that doing so would be something that would only be done for some exotic setup. This is just very straight forward though the options have eluded "all" that I have corresponded with, including myself until this last breakthrough. So far what I have done is "done" until I find the other settings to turn off the "tone" mode from sending midi program changes or a "Global" Setting to "Stop" the XW from making the changes as do most, if not all of my other Synths.....With the changes I made so far I do not have to do anything but turn the XW "on". I am now able to at least play without being encumbered by constantly correcting the changes that the XW was sending to the other Module/s. And the "External" Module can not send any changes to the XW as I do not have a MIDI connection going "IN" the XW. I did however set everything on the external Module to ignore any changes coming from the XW. And I only have the XW connected from the "out" to the "IN" on the Module. As for the "Casio Tech Support", I surely hope that in the "third tier" they are a lot more knowledgeable than what I have experienced with them so far. Though I am eager for some positive direction on this issue I am still confused in your responses. For some reason I think maybe my situation may have sounded familiar to some other post or? I would not want information to become misconstrued for someone else that reads this and may want to simply make the "Correct" settings to do so. This is why I not only listed what changes I made but suggested that if anyone finds what I have done familiar or suddenly comes up with a more direct approach to please share. I will find the other settings eventually and post them as I go....and also any helpful info from Casio support. I hope this will clarify and as I mentioned it may help to re-read from the top. Sincerely, Szetek
  8. Ok, well I am glad to say I made some progress. I am not by any means finished but I at least was able to stop program changes from being transmitted when in "performance" mode and also jumping to the "Step Sequencer' mode. (that typically would just throw the other synth or module into another bank and/or patch. I found this documentation here http://support.casio.com/storage/en/manual/pdf/EN/008/XWP1_midi_EN.pdf and after reading this for quite awhile..... I never wanted to get incredibly deep into the midi stuff though I always end up having to do it anyway. I had the XW also ignoring changes when I was in the "tone" mode as well but now I can't seem to figure what the setting is for that one. I did a full initialize because I had been all over the settings and will probably have to reload those Moog patches. But the 2 places I switched from "off" to "on" was under "settings" and then "midi' and then all the way down to "Performnrpn" = on (go figure) and "S.Seqnrpn" = on (mmm hmm). So Maybe someone else may take this a bit further,,,,,I mean if we don't then I don't know who will. I will post what I find out when Casio Support 3rd tier calls next week. I am kinda burned out but had to play a bit before I typed this out. For those that do memorize all these sheets and know the midi stuff inside out I salute you...where ever you are lol. About 20 years ago I was a lot more fresh with it and like most things if you don't do it a lot you sometimes have to bring the memory back to the surface. Just remember, "never give up", It is a good motto to live by if you want to drive yourself crazy.... (I mean be successful) ;-}
  9. Yes, when going from one patch to another. ( in any or all modes) the XW sends out via midi for the external module to also change it's patch or current program. This used to not be the case but it seems that after some firmware upgrade that either I am not seeing the correct setting or it was overlooked by the developers in the current update. Thanks. (any ideas are appreciated)
  10. So as the weekend begins that makes it over 3 days since Casio escalated this to 3rd tier support. I am surprised they did not call like they said they would. I guess I will have to deal with calling them on the Monday. I hope they are serious about resolving this.
  11. Yes, it worked a few years back when I got it and that was the time I met Scott and was introduced into the ipad stuff. I had to really work with it but that was one thing I was able to do as long as I used the Midi Din (not usb) in controlling how and what was sent and received ( this was back and forth between my alesis io dock which was basically being treated just like a module. After that I went on and added a few other rack modules so I could drive them with my XW. I have done this kinda stuff for quite a long time. I was driving a korg rack wavestation and something else...maybe the other Emu. But point is I always make my setup to disable program changes because I am not going to get stuck marrying the modules and designated sounds to one another...it is incredibly lengthy process and then on another song you will just end up changing things anyway. SO, it is much easier to write down what I want and then go from there...or if you are editing it can really drive you wild too. As far as the demo song, I will play it. And yes I did initialize the XW earlier today I think it was. But no changes.
  12. When making the change to the value to "off" for the zones 1,2,3,4 for the Program Change it "should" and has effected all patches. I can not bring up a Patch that has "Program Change" "enabled" for "Bank" or "Prog" after turning this feature off. I believe that if you turn it on then that is where you might point it to various addresses. (and that would be miserable in committing a patch change to always be with the one on the XW. (even if it is chosen by myself and not the machine)), As soon as I were to add or replace any module it would be a waste. And very impractical. I am starting to believe that in the last updates they missed this. in the change rev 1.01 > 1.10 there was big changes made to midi program change. It worked at one point though. I know as I had to wrestle through this before. But in the past I made the changes (once I found the settings)and then I was doing fine. So, in these updates I can see no other answer other than a setting that has not been addressed or an issue in the firmware upgrades that needs correction.
  13. All changes to the address of any sound is transmitted to the external module. Via button. even to change from preset or Bank. "All" buttons that make a change on the XW will also change the External Module. "Page 20" , And Yes, I always save and double check for the settings .
  14. It does not matter, you can turn the wheel that changes patches in "any" Mode. They all allow the Prog/Bank change via Midi Out. There should be a global Prog change "off" that works....or if there is one that I am missing than I need to know where it is.
  15. Yes, as I described above. It is turned "Off"