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  1. Maybe on performance mode you could assign a knob to decay (or release) and see if it works. I will try it later. Update: Nope, doesn't work, sorry!
  2. Besides the audio quality upgrade ,I hope the next XW synth comes without a system menu...lot of knobs/pads and no manual.
  3. Late reply ,but check the "NoteLngth" is 100%. Hope it helps
  4. Imagination is the only limit! You can mess with each part velocity intensity to emulate different layers (another P1 advantage over G1). Soft key hits can trigger part1 and hard hits zone 5 . You can do it for other parts like 2/6 or 3/7 (or whatever compo you like from part 1 to 7) Since it's way easier to make Midi tweaks on iPad or PC , I no longer run midi out to in. But I remember disabling midi clock and NRPN/RPN to avoid unused midi traffic (and jitter). Also I can't recall if the sounds of part 5,6,7 can be stored in a performance.
  5. Thanks a billion @BrettM !!!Missed the original post you linked ,describing the same issue. Excellent workaround Thank you @AlenK for the tip of the control track part. Currently I have my xw for sale, but mostly cause of my ipad addiction! Will try the CC#11 workaround soon!
  6. I think the "problem" is that you assign the loops in synth part 1 which is monophonic.
  7. Sure, but moving the volume sliders should affect (in my opinion) the pre-fx volume (the signal amount going to DSP) and not the whole DSP signal .
  8. I will reset my Casio and will reflash the firmware. I did the following Empty performance patch with no synth sounds. Assigned 4 zones with piano P100 sounds. Reduced the volume on all zones to 50 On zone 4 ,I set DSP wah. Save the performance. Everything is saved good. Recall the performance and it works. Nice, but I increase volume on part 4 to 70. Save performance. Crap, it resets to 50. Edit I NAILED IT! The volume (and the reverb send) parameters of a DSP enabled part cannot be altered. It shares the same values of part one. WTF? If anyone could repeat the above steps and post some feedback I would appreciate it very much. At least I learned why the global reverb remained unchanged: Press menu and on "performance filter" set "Sys Rev" to "off"
  9. Thanks for helping me but I didn't understand! When you say "that happens" what do you mean? Also, on your g1 you can save a performance patch with reverb type 1 and make another patch using reverb type 2 and recalling the patches the reverb type changes too? On my g1 the reverb type and decay on FX settings stays always the same. (keeps the last tweaked value always). I must mention that on the example I wrote for the max volume on a DSP enabled part I didn't use the solo synth DSP. (no solo synth at all)
  10. Hi, It seems that using a dsp fx messes with mixer volume and can't properly save a performance patch. I noticed that every part that has dsp fx turned on shares the same volume setting. For example if I set dsp on to parts 8-9-10 then adjusting the volume for part 8 on the mixer, sets the same volume on parts 9+10. Maybe it's a limitation to save processing load on Casio CPU. But My main problem is that every time I recall the performance ,the parts with DSP on ,are in max position. In my performance patch I use a sequencer patch with DSP on 8,9 parts. I set the mixer to 50% save the seq patch and then save the perform patch. Recalling the perform patch sets the volume to Max on 8,9 but the weird thing is that if I pick a different seq patch and recall my original ,the mixer settings are OK. Could anyone confirm this? Also it seems impossible to save individual reverb type/decay per performance. Any help appreciated
  11. Smooth filter, 32 step sequencer ,more knobs endless, more dedicated sliders, way more sampling memory, better dsp and audio engine. And more friendly workflow!
  12. Creating an editor/librarian is way much time-consuming and I doubt anyone can make it for free. Creating a simple controller is more easy ,but you will find that it will also take time. And I am sure you will try to make one when you click the next link http://ctrlr.org/ Freeware and works on Mac/Linux/Windows.
  13. Hi Scott, G1 does send midi CC via the sliders on mixer mode, remember? http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/5030-how-to-use-xw-g1-sliders-knobs-as-software-controllers-in-daw-virtual-instruments/ It needs CC remapping... I finished the android/ipad versions via PureData and Mobmuplat. All the tweaks are mainly done via the synth and the app is more like a led feedback screen (useful for small smartphone screens). Need to make a background image and a video/manual). Desktop versions seems not needed since there are tools to remap the midi CC's. Midi Learn will be different project .Now I work on adjusting the loop points (90% working)
  14. Did some experiments yesterday and found out a way to change start/end and loop points on the fly ,but run into to a "known" bug http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/6522-strange-bug-on-custom-wave-loop-point/ where the synth does not properly save the loop points and have to dig into the "split point menu" ,every time I load my tone. Sometimes ,with no specific reason the sample even gets corrupted, so I have to dig more and find a solution ,else there is no point. But I had great time resampling with the looper and create cool synth sounds from scratch...
  15. You could check http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/8089-can-i-put-a-dsp-filter-effect-on-all-channels/ for passing the melody tones to the dsp. This way you have cutoff envelope.