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  1. I've been having the same thing starting to happen. Just did the compressed air, will let ya know what i find out, gigging tomorrow night.Just started.
  2. Has anyone created any patches for Foreigner songs. Looks like Im going to be working with a tribute band and could really use some of the synth stuff. Long, Long Way From Home where the synth part moves up. Thanks Ray
  3. That works, but not quite what I was looking for. On The 5S you can pick your zone with the part button and then push both buttons at the same time to turn the zone on or off. That way you can bring in strings on a piano patch, I also have a slider assigned to each zone. Trying to do the same thing on the XW. I should know this. LOL
  4. I should really know this, but will the Xw P1 tirn on and off zones like the PX 5S will? Its been a while since I've changed anything on my set up and now i cant remember. Thanks Ray
  5. You should'nt have any problems with that connection. I use a Behringer io202 and I've used the Maudio as well. Just make sure to set the midi output on the px 5. I have a lot of the apps and its a lot of fun to add some extra stuff.
  6. Great setting!!!
  7. Version PX 5S


    I needed a thick string sound. My favorite was from an old Alesis QS 6.1. So I got both the Alesis and the PX 5S together and kept adding stuff until I got what I needed, which was a stand alone sting sound. I did customize a hex layer so put it in first and everything should line up. I'm still pretty new to all this, I'll try and create the same file on the XW-P1.
  8. Version XW-P1


    This is my goto 80's rock synth patch. See what ya think and play around with it. Hope you enjoy it.
  9. File Name: Jump Patch File Submitter: Gypsysinger1 File Submitted: 06 Aug 2014 File Category: XW-P1 This is my goto 80's rock synth patch. See what ya think and play around with it. Hope you enjoy it. Click here to download this file
  10. How do I up load a performance on here? Thanks Ray
  11. I'm programming an 80's show for next weekend and finally get to play Rosanna! Just wondering if anyone already had this one. I'll try to post the other stuff I come up with. Thanks Ray