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  1. Transfering music from WK3800 to WK7600

    Im on the same boat but I read this advice too late I aready sold my Wk 3300 to buy the wk7600. Will the rythms from Wk3300 load into wk 7600? Now I dont know if its worth to keep the 7600,I love the key action but I miss too many tones from Wk 3300
  2. Hello Finally Im able to post. Im a long time owner of a Wk 3300. I loved that keyboard the tones rythm patterns and ease of use. BUT with time I felt I needed better key action and better grand piano sound. well long story short after revewing for years,buying a low end Yamaha only to find out my casio blew him out of the water.....I finally thought of giving the CASIO WK7600 a try. Got rid of my WK 3300 and some gear and there you go. I was so sure that it was an imnproved version of the WK 3300 that I didnt even tried it in the store. I know my bad... So today,the mailman comes,I was soooo excited about this new board. The keys felt great,the grand piano sound didnt impress me I started to feel like oh oh... but the vintage EPs where amazing. plenty of great sounding rhodes without any effect and layer.Every rhodes model is there,with phaser effects included and everything... So I went back to the Grand pianos and devoted myself to make it sound like my favourite grand piano sound.That grand piano was only in my imagination until today. I was playing a real grand last week so I guess that helped me setting the sound.Even though I didnt enjoy much the sound of that real grand ...but thats another story.. So after 30min tweeking this is what I came up with. I dont know about you but Im a baladder,singer pianist,jazz and fusion soul I like grand pianos to sound full and dark. This is my Grand piano setting. I have to tell you I never felt that good playing a piano,EVER it felt like heaven. I was playing in the dining room,my mother came back from work and she couldnt believe how close to a grand it sounded. and Im talking about the keyboard speakers! This is the setting I wish you like it too! I dont remember the grand number I used , it may be 001 or 002,the darkest one. Attack time(-54) release time(+35) cut off(-14) vib.type(sin) vib depth(00) vib.rate +15 vib delay(+19) touch sense(63) Reverb send(043) cho.send(001) Mod setting(Vib) (mod depth(064) DSP(off) Play soft,very soft. and pull the volume up! =HEAVEN Ok so I stop and eat something,then I think of exploring the Electric pianos,not the vintages,I need those Whitney houston soft FM keyboards from the 90s,those R&B sounds from Babyface R kelly Michael Jackson. And I could not be more disapointed.I could not find a single tone in that range,everything was toy like. I went to the string section to see if I could layer them with an EP and come up with something aceptable but it sounded awful in my honest opinion. at this point I was like..ok Impressive collection of Rhodes, wonderful grand setting capabilities,great key action elegant design...lets go with the drums... And That was a big NO NO...those drums are nothing compared to the WK 3300. So here I am. Im wondering is there is a genius in the lamp anywhere that can help me load sounds from the WK 3300 into the WK 7600. I just need that 028 FM piano,I need the 032 EP and 215 strings.I need that 044 keyb+strings. I also need many of the drum patterns. To me the WK 3300 was the perfec keyboard except for the grands and the non weight keys. So now Im trying to decide weather keep this board,for home and homestudio use cause of the grands and rhodes,I cant gig with those drums... and maybe buy a second hand wk 3300 for 200 bucks. I have too many songs produced with that board so I need those sounds and rythms. The other option is send back the WK 7600 board,get my 500 bucks back,buy a WK 3300 and keep saving for a high end keyboard with aceptable grands. The third option is the genius in the lamp. Can anybody help me.I f I can put those wk3300 sounds and rythms in... that would be my definitive keyboard!!