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  1. This track was inspired by a Hex Layer patch I created on the P1 earlier that day.. Only the sample was coming from the PC.. It reminded me of work I was making in the 90's... A strange track and most of the sounds are self programmed by me on the P1.. https://soundcloud.com/ramon1973/your-spirit-still-here
  2. Spring: a almost full recording on the P1

    Thanks for the nice comments, well in the 80's I only had a SK-1 from Casio and that had a really 80's sound hihihi
  3. Hello Casio Fans, Well been a while since I made a song on the P1 as base instrument. Called the track Spring and inspired on a patch I was programming on the P1 itself. Only the samples came out of the PC but played with the P1 as MIDI controller.. https://soundcloud.com/ramon1973/spring-2015
  4. Music grows in every direction.

    Very experimental this one...I really like it..
  5. Hello Everybody. Here are the links and sound demo video's of patches for you to download.. Solo synth patches archive: https://app.box.com/s/6h001jd31uw5wagudyu3 Sound demo video YT: PCM voices edited... https://app.box.com/s/xbb2kfjat5nmv3t4aeux Sound demo video YT: HEX layer sounds P1: https://app.box.com/s/kvf68sud5o6yierf1qiy Sound demo YT: Drawbar organ: https://app.box.com/s/tp2oagq8m6p9sqy9ibnu Sound video Drawbar organ YT:
  6. Astranged P1..turning the knobs around...

    Thanks XW Addict and Gary for the nice comments on this experimental track out of the P1
  7. This is a very experimental track with al the base sounds coming from the P1 accept the sample but played those in via the P1 its keyboard.... All programmed by myself... It amazing how far the filters of the P1 can be tweaked... https://soundcloud.com/ramon1973/astranged-p1
  8. Axe of the Elvish King

    Very experimental song this one...
  9. <Amazing Grace>,duet by wk7500.

    This sounds pretty good and really liking this song...
  10. On of the great things on the P1 is the HEX layer...here's my silent night with an HEX layer programmed organ that give the illusion that you are standing at the back of the church... Happy Holidays everyone https://soundcloud.com/ramon1973/stille-nachthex
  11. First session with the P1 from Casio

    Hi Gary, Well the sampling function I can do thru the PC itself, so for programming like on the P1 there was little room on the G1. And I like just programming new sounds and now I can do that in many ways, really like the drawbar organ on the P1. So I am very happy having finally the P1 for a nice price.
  12. G1 rock just Audio no MIDI..

    Thanks Gary for your nice comment on this forum and Soundcloud..
  13. Because the G1 was not to my liking enough was boxing it in en retourning it to the webshop... Online I found the P1 second hand in good shape and for a nice price so bought that machine today.... Beeing fooling around with just the internal presets of the machine... https://soundcloud.com/ramon1973/casio-xw-p1-first-session-2014 Greetings and good holidays to everbody on this forum... Ramon, Netherlands..
  14. G1 rock just Audio no MIDI..

    Hello David and Gary, Thanks for the comments on my first and last song on the G1 because I have bought the P1 today and was retourning the G1 because I missed to much on that machine. Sorry Gary that this song could not enjoy you but hopefully the P1 song I'm posting soon is more to your liking..