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  1. Keyboard Key/Tone change in Parts

    OK. Thanks. I'll check it out!
  2. Hi everybody, Is there another way to change Keyboard Key/Tone of a Part for ALL 16 steps than going via -> "Step Seq" -> Edit -> Slider Edit for each Part? Thanks!
  3. OK, what I've found out is that it's possible to clear a U:Performance or U:Tone via -> Menu -> Clear USER. Doing so, the U:Performance will be set back to an "Untitled" U:Performance with a single Zone and the apparently "standard" P:XW SoloSynth DSP TONE with Syn1, Syn2, PCM1, PCM2 and NOISE that are set to ON etc. Now if you load an Untitled TONE and then SAVE it by pressing WRITE etc. you have a U: Performance/Tone with a bare Wave. Why make it simple if you can make it complicated....
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'll give you an example of what I mean: I have a Roland GAIA SH-01 synth. No matter what Patch/Sound, by pressing the "Cancel/Shift" and "Write" buttons you can initialize the sound back to the bare wave form. Here's a YT vid where you can see it: http://tinyurl.com/qhypexj Is there a way to do this on the XW-G1? So that no matter if I'm in a P or U Performance/Tone I don't have to mess with a zillion of zones/tones, keyboard splits, portamento, legato, Oscillator, Filter, Amp, LFO, Envelope, Effects and countless other settings before I can start over from scratch. Even if I choose an "Untitled" Performance there's always XW SoloSynth with DSP active. You have Syn1, Syn2, PCM1, PCM2 and NOISE that are set to ON - with Envelope, LFO and countless other settings that you basically have to check and clear by hand before you can start from scratch. Also, I have another question. I've created and stored a couple of custom sounds - for example a Bass sound in U:024. If I'm into "Perform" Mode and press Edit, I can't choose U:000 - U:099 in "Tone" in Zone 2, 3 and 4. I can only choose User Tones starting from U:100 - U:210 and from U:300 to U:309. Is this normal?
  5. Is there a way to CLEAR/INITALIZE Performance/Tone settings, so that I only have a bare wave form and nothing else. No multiple zones/tones, no keyboard splits, no portamento, no legato, no Oscillator, Filter, Amp, LFO, Envelope, Effects settings etc. etc. - so that I can start from scratch without having to push a million buttons to clear and check all the existing settings? I'm fiddling around since 5 weeks with the XW-G1 now but I don't seem to come to grips whatsoever. I must have initialized back to the factory settings already a 300 times in the last 5 weeks because I always come to a point where I completely loose track of all the buttons I have pushed and I regularly get stuck in a total mess. Anyway, so again - Is there a way to CLEAR/INITALIZE a Performance/Tone settings? If not I think that it would be a great feature to add.
  6. Synth sounds problem

    Thanks for your reply. I've been turning portamento off in edit>osc block >portamento as you suggest but many of the synth sounds still have the slide effect into the target note. The same if I leave portamento on and turn the PortaTime to zero.
  7. Synth sounds problem

    Hi everyone, I have the following problem with a lot of the Synth sounds, for example p:000 xw solosynth p:009 mg raw lead all of the xw leadsyn sounds all of the CZ rawlead sounds etc. When I play successive notes in larger invervals, for ex C4, then C5 (or B4, A4) and then back to C4, I constantly get some sort of slide effect into the target note. I've attached a clip of what I mean How do I get get rid of this annoying slide-into-the-target-note effect. I really have no use for it and a lot of the synth sound are like this. Too many for my taste. I just want a "solid" note. Thanks! casio_slide_sound.mp3
  8. XW-G1 step sequencer - drums question

    That's cool! Thank you for the reply!
  9. Hi everybody, first post. I'm about to pulling the trigger for an XW-G1. I've downloaded the manual, but I'll have to buy online due lack of dealers etc. in my area and can't check it out in person. What I would like to know and what I'm not shure about is if I can mix different drum set in a new rhythm pattern / user sequence. To give you an example what I mean, let's say I want to use the following sounds: Kick drum - Standard Set 1 Hi-Hat - Standard Set 2 Snare - Hip Hop Set Brush Ride Cymbal - Jazz Set etc. Is this possible? Thanks
  10. pls delete - re-posted in XW Sequencing