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  1. Hi skyy38, It's interesting to note that Casio have recently been doing some specials, reducing the price of the PX5-S by US$200. Also, the PX5-S was released at Winter NAMM 2013. This January will be exactly five years since the launch. I hope they decide to bring out a replacement. I have such faith in Mike Martin and Casio that I will buy it regardless. I have said on several Forums that my PX5-S is probably my all time favourite keyboard purchase, although my recently purchased Viscount Key B legend Live is now not far behind. Chris
  2. Any PX-5s successor yet in 2018?

    Hi, I have a PX5-S and I'm really hoping for a replacement. No slight on the PX5-S, it's a brilliant piano. But, it's been around a while, and Casio do have all the technology required to build a replacement. Some of us (me included) enjoy the process of buying and owning new equipment. Chris p.s. Imagine if it had a piano sample from the GP range.
  3. Hi, I wish they would get their bums into gear and bring out the PX5-S replacement !! Chris
  4. Hi, I spotted that three new Casio piano models (AP270, PX870, PX770) have been launched at Summer NAMM acouple of days ago, therefore I came over to the Forum to have a read about them. Absolutely nothing anywhere. Confused.com Chris
  5. Frankfurt Music Messe 2017

    Hi Joe, thanks for the post, I for one am not disappointed about the entry level keyboards. Anything that encourages beginners into becoming potential musicians is fine by me. The GP300 was launched at NAMM in January, but basically as a white piano (it was already available in black I think) which, although it looks very nice is not really 'breaking new ground'. I'm probably being a bit selfish here, but I'm eagerly awaiting a replacement for the PX5-S. Now or 2018 would be about the right time for it. Chris
  6. Hi, Really surprised and confused that one of the biggest music fairs in the world is almost over with virtually no mention of Casio. No new models launched, no software updates, no videos (that I can find) on youtube and more unusually complete silence from Casio users, retailers and Management. I don't mean to offend anybody with my comments but I honestly expected a bit more from Casio after a quiet NAMM in January. Chris p.s. Even these forums seem quiet compared to previous years. Paricularly on the PX5-S threads and downloads sections.
  7. NAMM 2017

    Hi, I must confess to feeling somewhat disappointed with Casio's product launch at Namm 2017. Being British, I got the impression that Namm was a major launch pad for new Casio products, especially considering Mike Martin (being American) is so involved in all that's good with Casio keyboards. The only piano based product appears to be a colour change to an existing digital piano. I was hoping that a successor to the PX5-S would have been shown. It's four years since it's launch (which is a long time technology-wise). The PX560 is a seriously nice keyboard, but not worth replacing my PX5-S for (I've got all the styles I need in my PA4X). Chris
  8. What is coming down the pike?

    Hi, I just read in Brad MZ's post about the MZ-X500 having more features than the PX-560. Logically, it would be a simple issue of twinning the MZ-X500 with the weighted keyboard of the PX-560 to have an improved piano (possibly the PX5-S replacement). So easy really, but I think Casio will go even further, with half pedalling and possibly a sample or two included from their high end Hybrid GP pianos. The big question is when will this piano be launched ? It's now four years since their PX5-S stage piano was launched, (that was in January 2013 at NAMM), so it's an ideal place for a major Casio launch. Fingers crossed, Chris
  9. PX5S Successor?

    Hi Guys, It's 16 months since this thread was started, and the silence is deafening !!! I will admit that over the last forty years I have spent vast sums of money on keyboards (arrangers in particular) and I honestly do not think I have ever been so happy with a purchase than my current PX5-S. It's an astonishing keyboard in my opinion, at the time of launch over three years ago a statement from Casio. The PX5-S is backed up by a pro-active group of users that are happy to post their creations free of charge on the Forums for all to download and enjoy along with Casio's own contributions. Mike Martin is undoubtedly the star of the show with his Youtube videos and teach-ins, and also a genuinely nice man. I look forward to meeting him one day. I would like to see a replacement for the PX5-S for purely selfish reasons..............Because I want to buy one. Chris p.s. Currently using a Korg PA4X alongside my Casio PX5-S.
  10. PX-5s Vs CGP-700

    Hi, If you are quite happy with your PX5-S, then I would hold onto it. My guess is that the replacement for it will be out in less than a year. Possibly next January at NAMM in Ananheim. It's only a guess, but the PX5-S has been around for quite a while now. The CGP range is a totally different beast from the PX5-S. If you want to change, the 560 is more like the PX5-S. Just an opinion, Chris
  11. PX-6?s Next Model Wishes

    HI, I asked the question of when the replacement for the PX5-S would arrive several months back. Nobody seems to have any ideas when it will be released. I have great expectations of it, as many other Manufacturers have upped their game therefore I expect Casio to do the same. So often I hear people comparing different digital pianos with the PX5-S and the Casio not coming out on top. It's only then that I realise the pianos they are comparing the PX5-S with are twice and sometimes three times the price (you never see auto magazines do road tests between Fiat 500's and BMW 5 series) !! I fully expect the replacement to get rid of half pedalling, and maybe have at least one sample from the Casio GP300/400/500 range. I also hope they change the screen to match the 560. The ability to add sample memory, and a bigger palette of useable sounds. Not too much to ask I hope. And finally, to make it backward compatible to the PX5-S. I don't think that will be possible though. Chris
  12. Hi Majnoon, I may be wrong on this, but the pianist looks like he may be blind. Chris
  13. PX-6?s Next Model Wishes

    Hi Guys, Does anybody out there have any more info as to when the PX5-S will be replaced. Chris
  14. PX 5S or PX 560

    Hi, If it was me, I'd keep with the PX330 and hang on until the replacement for the PX5-S is launched. You may have to wait up to a year, but I reckon it will be worth it. If you do go for a PX5-S you should get a great deal on one as this model has been around for three years. Chris
  15. Hi BradMZ, Scary, you sound like my Missus !!! Chris