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  1. I'm thinking about buying the CTK-7200, but then I read about the newly introduced Dance Music Mode. Does the CTK-7200 have the Dance Music Mode? My sincere thanks,
  2. I know that Casio has produced great arranger keyboards at great price. However, one reason makes me hesitant to buy. Compared with Yamaha, there are too few rhythms for Casio keyboards. As you know, on the internet, it is easy to download so many new styles. How can we have the same thing for Casio? Thank you
  3. Rhythm Conversion: Yamaha to Casio

    May I ask if this file converter works for the CTK-7200? I want to buy the CTK-7200 but need more styles.
  4. Thank you for your kindness. I am interested in the CTK-6200 or CTK-7200. It is a little disappointing to know that it will be hard to buy more styles
  5. Could you pls help me? I want to buy a portable Casio arranger keyboard. However, the built-in rhythms in each keyboard are not enough, at least for me. Is it possible to buy more rhythms for Casio arrangers? And are there many of them? Thank you