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  1. Excited AND Frustrated

    Hey Brad and CF, I really didn't take the warranty into consideration, I thought the warranty was from date of purchase, anyway I just was wishing CF the best possible Xmass. In my experience with electronics if they work the first time, and stay working after they warm up, usually they remain that way for their expected lifespan and beyond. Unless otherwise acted upon by a negitive external force like liquids or smoke/heat and power surge. Or drunk brother-in laws.
  2. Excited AND Frustrated

    Hey C F Gratz on the new XW. I respect that you want to honor the christmas gift. I would recommend opening the unit, checking for damage, powering it up, and plug headphones in to check for audio output. Then there will be only smiles instead of surprise on XWass morning.
  3. Dee & Ricky Casio Xw G1

    There were a pair of XW's, each with custom hand painted artwork that was originally part of a promotion give away. The giveaway happened near the release date of the XWP1/G1 a few years back. One of the "winners" has had this item for sale on ebay on and off since then. I'm not sure that the "art" gives enough value to the XW to justify the asking price thus it is still for sale. If I remember correctly the first time it went up they were asking $20K.
  4. Ipad Air 2 with ios 9.0.2

    *UPDATE* Success!! I connected my Lightning to USB camera adapter to the IPad, a USB printer type cable to the lightning connector and the XW-P1, and finally a 3.5mm/ 1/8 inch audio cable from the headphone jack of the IPad to the audio in of the XW-P1. Turned on the XW and the amp and VOILA, electronic collaboration between the XW-P1 and the MIDI Designer for XW. Wonderous sounds abound.
  5. Ipad Air 2 with ios 9.0.2

    I have purchased the "Apple" Lightning to USB camera adapter from Best Buy. It had the highest amount of reviews claiming success with connecting to a music keyboard. I will inform after it arrives on Wed.
  6. I have purchased a new iPad 2 and it now has ios 9.0.2. After looking at the Apple accessory store and Amazon, I am unable to determine if there is a "camera connection kit" that will actually function with my XW-P1 and the MIDI Designer for XW. There are several options for sale on both sites but after reading the customer reviews it looks like a 50/50 shot if a the kit will actually work. So my question is, has anyone had sucess with connecting a iPad Air 2 to a XW-P1?
  7. XW Webinar

    I'm sure we all wish Mike a speedy recovery.
  8. XW Webinar

    Will the webinar be rescheduled? I hope so.
  9. XW Webinar

    Thank You Scott Hamlin
  10. What Genre of Music?

    Ok this may be weird, but 70's country sounds. Wynn Stewert's "It's such a pretty world today" had a pedal steel guitar that sounded like a twelve string/theramin. Now that sound is something. Ya but I like Klaus Schultz or some Amon Duel II sounds. Maybe that ambient organ that can be heard on Spirits "The Twelve Dreams of DR, Sardonicus" I know the XW P1 has the power.
  11. XW Webinar

    Thank you Mike, yes Wednesday Dec 10 at 7 eastern will work. Will a link be posted to the webinar?