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  1. Problem with notes changing

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm looking at workflow now, how to organise work so onto performance mode, phrases, chains and then later on, linking with iPad- so expect there'll be another post before too long.. I think XW-G1 as a budget instrument has great sounds and is a good sketch area for getting ideas down. All da best
  2. Problem with notes changing

    Thanks BradMZ. I've never posted a question to a forum before but that's no excuse for not being clear. I press stepseq then edit then choose step edit. When I press start for the sequencer it picks up what I play but instead of playing the sequence of notes I play it plays a tone and a half higher. Eg if I press 'C' it plays 'Eb'. Thanks for helping me with the mixer settings. >Update I discovered when I turned the machine back on that the sliders need to be on the middle, one of them I think the third one along was assigned to pitch and when it was not zeroed it was throwing everything out. It looks like the sliders have different functions at different times which is why I couldn't locate this. Thanks. !> update to update: In edit / track parameters / is a function called KEYSHIFT which was enabled (as default!?) I turned this off which solved the problem. Not easy getting to grips with this purchase tbh.
  3. I'm new to the forum and have a coupla questions I'd really appreciate your help with guys on the XW-G1. First up:- Whenever I record a chord or melody line in the step sequencer it always changes the tone to a full tone or more higher. It's as if it's transposing or raising the pitch of everything that goes in. I have looked for a solution before posing this but it's got me beat- Is there something wrong with my machine maybe? While I'm here can I ask a cheeky question about changing the volume of the tone you play vs the step sequencer which is really soft. I imagine this is pretty straightforward.