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  1. Thank you very much Ted for your quick reply. I checked the manual and you were correct. I just picked up this CTK 7200 after using CTK 6000 for over a year and I am so pleased. The functionality and features are similar to much more expensive keyboards. How can Casio do this? I was eagerly waiting to see if they will come up with the next model at NAMM 2015, but did not see anything. Well Maybe next year. Thank you again Ted and it is so comforting to know there is an active community with helpful members like you. Kord
  2. Got a CTK 7200 and would like to have RegFltAcmp set to ON each time I turn it ON. I have the Auto Resume set to ON and it does retain all changes except RegFltAcmp. It keeps going back to OFF and I have to manually set it to ON every time I turn the keyboard ON. Could you check this on your CTK-7000, 7500, 7200, or 7600 and leave your comments. Thank you in advance. Kord