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  1. PX-5S, noisy keys

    I have a 2 year old PX-5S..It is connected to a Windows 10 computer and does not get a lot of use. I also play lots of music from 1950's for senior citizen audiences and house parties. My problem is the key noise on my PX-5S is getting so loud that makes playing soft passages near impossible. II is making my keyboard non functional from my point of view. Do I, and many others have a case against Casio because non-performance of their product.? Other characteristics of this keyboard are great. What say you all? Bob Stiffler P.E. (Retired)
  2. Any reviews or Demo's of the PX-360?

    Bill Solo: I have a PX-360. It is my experience that the PX-360 will not play GM1 files correctly. It appears to play GM2 files OK.. The GM1 specification defines playing of midi channel 10 midi files differently than the GM2 specification. There are millions of GM1 files floating around the net. To make the PX-360 play the GM2 Channel 10 drum track correctly it is necessary for the computer program you are using, (Finale,Cakewalk etc) to send the midi file to the PX-360, to open the GM1 file from the internet, convert the midi file to a GM2 file, and then retransmit the GM2 file to the PX-360. I use the Finale 2015d notation program daily. I open an old midi file from the net or from my files. Finale notates that file. To listen to that file on the PX-360 I must tell Finale to convert that file into a GM2, file before sending it to the PX-360. I have old CakeWalk programs that cannot play its files on he PX-360 because my old Cakewalk (Sonar 3) does not have the ability to generate a GM2 (Channel 10) data stream. ( I have not researched this rigorously yet) I do not believe that the 2nd paragraph on page EN-61 of my PX-360 users manual is correct. I have been unable to play a GM1 midi file correctly on my PX-360. Note: I really like he keyboard and use it every day. It is connected to my Win 10 lap top. Note that my laptop is connected to the PX-360 using an E-Mu midi 1X1 connector which plugs into a USB port on my lap and the other end of the cable plugs to the midi connectors on the back of the PX-360 I hope you understand what I am saying. For the last 20 or 30 years "Standard MIDI Files) implied a certain inter connectivity between midi devices. GM2 is not backward compatible with the old "Standard Midi File" definition. Bob Stiffler gm
  3. BradMZ Scott MY PROBLEM SOLVED..........BradMZ',s mention of GM2 got me searching around Finale 2014D and I found Finale has made provisions for "Standard Kit" GM2. One key stroke in Finale's Score Manager's menu and problem is solved for 99% of my work. Thanks for the help. Bob Stiffler d
  4. BradMZ I was able to go to the Mixer Screen. select channel 10, change if from "piano" to "drums", then select "standard Set" on the drum instrument menu. Doing this made the file play correctly. However, when I return to mm,1 (rewind) channel 10 plays incorrectly. I have not been able to enter "Program 0" Bank 120 in my Finale 2014D notation program. If your analysis is correct, (it seems reasonably so) then the PX-360 is unable to play the millions of midi files that exist today without modifying each of those files which contain a channel 10 percussion line. Maybe the Engineers work for the 'Midi Manufactures Association" who updated a GM spec. that is not backwards compatible with previous GM specifications. Bob Stiffler
  5. Scott, BradMz: I followed BradMZ's instructions and was able to get the PX-360 to play the midi file from the flash drive. Unfortunately the percussion line (Channel 10) is still screwed up. Other channels seem ok.. If you look at the mixer menu and have it on port C, you can see the voices which are assigned to which midi channel. Channel 10 should say "Standard Set". It does not. It says GM Piano. Either this PX-360 is broken, or I do not have something set properly in the keyboard, or Casio has screwed the midi interface on this machine. I have been thru 5 or 6 keyboards over the years. The later Casio keyboards are the only keyboards that I have had midi problems. Bob Stiffler
  6. Scott: Unfortunately none of the software in this computer can generate a SMF file. Bob Stiffler
  7. Scott I have a PX-5s. I plug my PX-5s into my computer (Win 8, Hp I7 processor) and the PX-5s plays the file correctly. I have put this file on a thumb drive and plugged the thumb drive into the Px-360. I have not been able to make the PK-360 find or play the midi file on the thumb drive. ( More study required). Notation soft ware probably ok. I've been a Finale user for the last 20 years. I really would like some one to open this file in Finale, Sonar or Band in a Box and let me know if their Px-360 plays the file properly. Bob Stiffler
  8. Scott: The Px-360 fails repeatedly on the 3 or 4 midi files I played with to day. I have attached an old midi file I have generated. If you open this file in a notation program you will see strings, guitar, piano etc plus a drum line, There are notes on the drum line that are sent as channel 10 in the midi stream, By definition GM channel 10 converts these notes into percussion instruments i.e. bass drum. snare drum, cymbals etc. . My Px-360 plays the the musical pitch of the notes that were written. I should hear percussion sounds instead. Consider the following. When I play the score everything is ok but channel 10, is screwed up. However, if I power the Px-350 off, and then turn it back on, while the score continues to play, the PX-360 will play the channel 10 drum line properly till the end of the song. If I play the song again, the PX-350 will again screw up the channel 10 drum line. I think some engineer at Casio goofed. I am a retired PE Electrical Engineer and now a Duffer Keyboard player Bob Stiffler DrinkingFmSauceJammerArr1.mid
  9. Problem: I've got lots of GM midi files from programs like Finale and other programs. My Px-360 does not seem to know that it should play drum sounds when midi channel 10 is sent. Other midi channels seem ok. Any Help out there? Bob Stiffler