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  1. Gig menus

    I have a PX3 Limited Edition and use the lower instrument selection area as a stage menu of 8 sounds selected from the built in sounds. Is it possible to duplicate that on the top row or is there a way to have more than 8 gig pre-sets?
  2. So, I'm understanding that this may not be possible and that I may have to simply use the buttons on the panel to activate rotary eh? I'm using damper for sustain and the soft/sostento plug in for nothing. It works just fine this way but would be substantially more user friendly with a pedal but this is not that huge of a deal. Maybe someone else has a thought, but I appreciate your input and will apply any suggestions that make sense should you think of something I can use. I'm using sustain obviously for sustain and my volume pedal for swells and was hoping to be able to use another appendage to do rotary guess not.
  3. I have a Privia PX3 Limited Edition and am really and truly NOT very technical. I would like to plug in a pedal (of some kind, momentary or otherwise???) to activate and deactivae rotarys while playing live. I'm guessing you must set up each pre-set to accept the pedal but I don't know what kind, where to plug it in since I'm using a sustain pedal in the damper plug-in and from time to time a volume pedal from stereo outs. I really need the idiots step by step instructions. What kind of pedal Where to plug it in How to assign my organs to the pedal so I can change rotary on/off functions and anything else I should know, like how to enhance rotary swirls and so forth. I would also like to know if I set up a pedal for this will it effect anything else in the keyboard. In other words, will this make blanket changes or can I select rotary on/off for my stage playing menu of 8 sounds? 3 of which are organs. 1 of which doesn't have rotary.
  4. Hi........and my apologies as I'm a newbie. So here is my model PX-3 Limited Edition I would think I can adjust any of the sounds individually to accept the signal from a pedal? Is that correct? And, that it doesn't effect anything else in the keyboard? If so, I could do as many as I like but I don't know how. I don't know what kind of pedal to use and where to plug it in since I have a sustain in the "damper" and a volume pedal from the stereo outs. I do apologize again and will endeavor to know where I am from now on I greatly appreciate your help btw! Thank you very much!
  5. I have (btw) looked online and find references to IX this and IX that. None of this makes any sense to me in any way. What I need is the idiots guide to doing this. Thanks in advance............Idiot
  6. I have a Privia with rotary in some of the organs. I have both an original sustain pedal or a momentary on/off switch type pedal. Can someone walk me thru (step by step) how to set up a pedal to turn rotary on and off? where does it plug in and what, if anything I need to do to so I can simply step on the pedal to activate and deactivate rotary. I seem to be too limited in my understanding and I know someone knows how. I use the keys, stereo, thru a volume pedal from time to time (not always), use a casio sustain pedal for sustain and play thru either a KC-550 or KC-350 depending. HELP! Anyone who plays knows how inconvenient it is to turn rotary on/off on the panel above the keys.