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  1. Harp& Org for Mary Jane

  2. XW SoloSyn+

  3. ZthsGuitar

  4. Using a Splitter to Create 4 Outputs?

    what is the audio interface? you're not running your studio mons from your interface?
  5. I'd get a small Behringer mixer and run mono out to the mixer and one output each to the amps???
  6. Money - Pink Floyd (sound request)

    like Joe said, use like the clavinet wah SS and replace the sound with a Wurli electric piano sound like Richard Wright did on the album... prob have to tweak the piano sound. I think David Gilmour was playing the wah guitar rhythm for much of it when he wasn't soloing. Pls post it on this site if you nailed it... or let us know if you didn't and maybe I can work on it.
  7. MIDI not working now...

    well, that's what I thought class compliant meant, but all I know is that before running that program, different DAWs would NOT recognize the keyboard in either a midi connection or USB connection.... and now everything works properly.
  8. MIDI not working now...

    i guess that's what I'm asking... is anyone using the XW as a controller in Win 10? i looked for a midi driver to reinstall for the XW but could not find one... anyone have a link for that??? i can use the XW Data Manager prog and work on patches fine. EDIT... I loaded the 64bit drivers from the CASIO site, even tho it didn't include the XW in the list, and it is functioning now. http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=72 I don't know if the OS upgrade wiped out the old driver or what. It may have been a brain fart from upgrading the system 3 years back from 32 to 64 bit and never loading the new drivers, since I normally don't use the XW with my desktop computer.