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  1. Part muting on external gear

    Thanks, Gary, I will try that, although my setup ist computerless by default.
  2. Hi, I'm new to the Casio XW and this forum. I hope my English will be good enough to explain my question. I am using the XW-G1 and an additional external sound device (Roland Integra-7), which is connected to the G1 via MIDI-out When I use the G1's mixer and the track buttons to mute single parts while the sequencer is playing, it does work with the internal sounds of the G1 (no notes are then being played there), but the external device keeps playing the MIDI notes that still are continuously transmitted via the MIDI-out, although the part is muted. The MIDI indicator of the Integra shows, that it receives a MIDI message when I press the part buttons on the G1 to mute or unmute a single part. But the Integra-7 doesn't seem to recognize it and continues to play notes. In the Midi Implementation Chart I cannot find any hint about what kind of message is being sent there. Does anybody know, what kind of MIDI message this can be? Or, in short: How can I successfully mute/unmute parts of external MIDI gear using the XW-G1 mixer? Thanks, Stevie