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  1. Need Help - PX-560 Registration

    Thanks Brad. That was informative and easy. -Steve
  2. Need Help - PX-560 Registration

    I am an older guy/consultant who travels much and I haven't had time to learn the PX-560's features. I am almost always on the road. See below for how you might be able to help: I need a PX-560 Registration comprised of the "GrPnoConcert" tone and the "007 CntyShuffle2" rhythm. I also need to adjust the tone and rhythm volumes separately. Please post a step-by-step procedure for the above. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Post your Gear Pics Here...

    New Casio rig including my new PX-560M.
  4. PX560 built in speakers.

    The PX-560M is going to be a terrific addition to my Casio rig. For now, I am mostly playing piano and few layered sounds. I haven't dug deep yet - the holiday break should offer more time off for PX-560M exploration. The touch screen layout is intuitive and it simplifies tone selection, splits, rhythm/metronome tempo, etc. - it's all right there in front of me.
  5. Has anyone else found that the 76 Note Keyboard soft cases are too big for the WK-7500? I bought a 76 note keyboard bag and it was about 8 inches too long. My plan is to bring the WK-7500 on business trips (while driving my pickup truck around the USA). At my age, heavy road cases are too bulky and after two shoulder surgeries, my heavy-lifting days are over. I assessed that the WK-7500 was small for a 76 note keyboard, so I searched for a large 61 note keyboard soft case. I bought the Gator 61 note keyboard bag (Sweetwater item #:GBK61). It's tight, but it fits. That's good enough protection for my WK-7500. BTW - Sweetwater is real good at service and follow up. See below photos.
  6. MZ-2000 Thread

    I never knew about the MZ-2000 until today - fun find on a Saturday morning. Impressive keyboard and big,informative display. I wonder if future Casio keyboards will include bigger displays.
  7. Post your Gear Pics Here...

    Thanks. Too much Bling for me. Subtlety is more my speed.
  8. A plea For UI Consolidation

    Alen, I would assume that the next round of WK/CTK keyboards will resemble the XW and PX-5S interface to some degree. But, don't expect total congruence. The target customers for each market segment are different. Casio has likely read your post and their R-&-D folks are doing what they can. I've worked in the keyboard industry for more than 30 years and Casio stands out as a company with intimate customer relationships. Very rare among big corporations. Plus Casio REALLY LISTENS to customers. In business and customer service, listening is a critical success skill. -Steve Coscia
  9. Post your Gear Pics Here...

    The wristwatch photos are clever. I gotta get one.
  10. Post your Gear Pics Here...

    Hi Alen, Regarding UI, I learned the WK-7500 first and had time to get comfortable with it and dig down into its sequencing features. Not so with the XW-P1 - its purchase synchronized with a high level of travel and business activity which kept me away from my keyboards. Therefore, I still haven't had a big block of time to dig into the XW-P1. The UI is between the two is different and the XW-P1 requires a fresh investment of time and it's worth it. Since I am comfortable with the WK-7500, I still plan to use it as my songwriting and sequencing board. For now, the XW-P1 is utilized as a solo synth. From a synthesizer perspective, the XW-P1 is a dynamite keyboard with tons of flexibility and great sounds. If I don't reply quickly it's because I am either traveling, distracted and/or serving a client. Thank you for the correspondence and your patience. -Steve Coscia
  11. Post your Gear Pics Here...

    XW-P1 (Gold), WK-7500 and KORG MS-20 Mini
  12. wk-7500 Clinic request

    At summer NAMM, Jeff Dunmire said he doing cool things between the WK-7500 Pattern Sequencer and Registrations. I'm pretty sure he said that he wrote instructions and that they're online somewhere. Sorry that I don't remember all the details. The Pattern Sequencer has lots of power, it's just a little tedious (lots of back and forth button pressing). The best way to learn is to experiment. Start with Mike Martin's Pattern Sequencer video and then go from there. It's best to create a matrix (either on paper or in a worksheet) to keep track of all the instruments in the Intro, Normal, Variation and Ending sections. A little organization goes a long way.
  13. PX-5S and XW

    That was really good Mike. Nice work.
  14. Quick Survey

    I do have an IPAD (there was no option for guys like me), but I'm not using it for music apps yet. I got an XW-P1 last December and I've been too busy traveling and serving clients. I do plan to use the IPAD with the XW-P1 when things slow down.
  15. Tune oscillators. Myth?

    Excuse this "back in my day" moment: I used a Conn Strobe Tuner (below) to tune my keyboards prior to a gig. Sometimes my MOOG Prodigy's tuning would drift between sets so I tuned it more often. This was also prior to digital memory and presets, so keyboard players both played piano or organ with one hand and simultaneously tweaked the next required synth sound with the other hand. This went on all night long.