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  1. NAMM 2017

    Mike's side and Rich's side
  2. Any more input from Casio?

    don't know if the XW line of synth is discontinued. But in europe XW-P1 and XW-G1 are discontinued. And that seems to be a strange relationship between casio and the XW because - the frontpage shows a P1 http://www.casio-music.com/euro/ - on the inside casio page, there are developers interviews, each photo feature a P1 and/or a G1 : http://www.casio-music.com/euro/inside-casio/ - the technical insight page focus only on AIR and XW technologies Take a look at the interviews from the development team : http://world.casio.com/emi/xw/english/interview/ These guys seem to love their baby. XW development was a 10 years process. They've already put their technologies in new products but I hope they will make a follow-up to the keyboard line of xws. Back in may (the 25th) one of the designers of the XW commented on facebook in some post about the use of an XW with an ewi, the message is self-explanatory of the developer point of view about the instrument : "Thomas-san, thank you so much for the post. We are very honored to hear that. Its 'solo synthesizer' was designed to recognize many MIDI messages so that the sound engine can be controlled by external devices completely."
  3. Any more input from Casio?

    Very good thread ... I'm also a late buyer of XW synth (P1 in my case), I've bought one of the last exposition models available in France. In Europe, the XW keyboard line have been discontinued but you still find traces of the technology on the website (http://www.casio-music.com/euro/instruments/technical-insights/xw-technology/). What I understand on casio catalogue is that they prefered to focus on digital pianos and they are very successfull on that way so I can't blame them ... But I see that casio america supports the XW way longer than europe, and I'm quite sure that is because they truly love their instrument and have always cared to find it a special place (you should take a look at the XW page on facebook). Maybe due to a global strategical change, they just couldn't continue supporting it as much as the privias. It is true that it is quite frustrating to see part 1's and no part 2 in the tutorials or instrument sets but we still have a lot of youtube videos and a supportive community. As for the positioning between the XW-P1 and the PX-5S. I clearly see the PX-5S as a mix between classical digital piano line and XW technology. It borrows the hex-layer and some automation (arpegios and phrase sequencer) and enhanced them (I'd really like to have resonant filters in the hex layer on the P1). But casio showed as well that P1 and PX-5S complement very well, the XW monosynth and step sequencer are unique in casio line and it seems the drawbar organ of the P1 is much appreciated. Concerning the XW-G1, it is really a league on its own and I'm sure you'll love it. Its sampling and looping capability are very interesting and I'd love to have the same level of control over the monosynth without using ipad or windows applications. It is too sad that this keyboard haven't met its market. It seems to me that PX5S holds the legacy of the P1 and that casio is trying to better fit the market of the G1 with the PD1 (which does not convince me)
  4. lopping sounds in ctk 4400

    On linux I've been using sooperlooper (http://essej.net/sooperlooper/) and it works well for me ... For Windows, they recommand to use Mobius (http://www.circularlabs.com/) it should do the job.
  5. Summer NAMM 2015

    The page is already here at casiomusigear http://www.casiomusicgear.com/products/menu_privia/PX-560 there is also a px-360 http://www.casiomusicgear.com/products/menu_privia/PX-360 and a press release : http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/casio-expands-privia-digital-piano-collection-with-two-professional-models-at-summer-namm-2015-300110106.html
  6. Poly Synth No Real Time Cut Off?

    You might try to route your PCM sound to the TotalFilter of the SoloSynth, then by assigning the knobs in a performance you can adjust cuttoff and resonance of the filter in realtime, you can also use the LFO's or the phrase sequencer to automate the control ... BretM explains the process in at least two threads (using the dsp as well) : * http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/7341-px-5s-arp-angel/ * http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/7681-step-noodles/ hope this will help
  7. Step Noodles

    Another cool thing to do is to use the phrase sequencer to control knobs and sliders action.
  8. Step Noodles

    Thanks, i had a lot of fun with that one.
  9. edit : after some research these are just asiatic keyboards with different sonorities. So nothing new sorry Just saw that on casio's facebook https://www.facebook.com/odysseybookstore/photos/a.662410667225919.1073741831.416483201818668/662522140548105/?type=1 Did not recognize the color scheme (looks like a mix of ctk and xw ) or what seems to be drawbars on the first one ...
  10. Hi Brian, That's funny, I live in Lorient and used to go a lot to Quiberon to practice Kitebuggy (I was part of the sandyatching club in Plouharnel). I don't practice much nowadays, but I was there with my friends on saturday (first time in 18 month).
  11. Virtual Controllers - Wow

    There are so many things to explore I've bought this keyboard for the step sequencer, as an alternative to ctk-7200. But I see myself playing more and more with the SoloSynth, its architecture is really well done ...
  12. XW-PD1 Editor Screenshots

    Sounds like a interesting product I have a question : Exploring the editor I didn't find a way to modify or add SoloSynth sounds. Is there a way to access the solo synth as deep as on the P1 and G1 ?
  13. XW P1 discontinued ?

    Same here in France, I got one of the last P1 (an expo model) ... And in french internet stores, when they show, it's as discontinued products. Seems that in Europe we lack a Mike Martin to make casio products live ...
  14. So is everyone as excited about the XW-PD1 as I am?

    There is also a data editor http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=20
  15. So is everyone as excited about the XW-PD1 as I am?

    manuals for the PD1 have appeared on casio intl website http://support.casio.com/en/manual/manualfile.php?cid=008014005 cheers