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  1. Here's a photo of the adapter. I'm not sure what the "tip" "ring" and "sleeve" things are, but could you let me know if this adapter is the right kind?
  2. Thanks for all your help Scott! I have yet another question, having some trouble. I recently bought an adaptor to use my headphones with my Privia PX-150. With whatever pair of headphones I use, I seem to get sound only in the left headphone, and no sound from the right one. I've tried several pairs of headphones, and I made sure the adaptor and headphones were inserted firmly. Could it be because of the adaptor? Or maybe the keyboard itself?
  3. Have you ever tried using the Privia PX-150 on stage with a DI box/amp? How does it sound in your opinion?
  4. Ah I see. What is the benefit of having line outs versus a headphone jack when connecting a patch cord? (I'm a complete amateur when it comes to this stuff!)
  5. Is there any downside to doing this? Do other keyboards have a better option, or is it all the same? And does it matter which headphone jack I use, since the keyboard has two of them? Thanks.
  6. Do I use a patch cord? What jack to I connect the patch cord to on the keyboard, either of the headphone jacks? Do I need an adapter for the patch cord to fit? My friend told me that I'd need to connect a patch cord to a "Line Out" or "L/Mono + R" port, but the Privia PX-150 doesn't seem to have those ports.
  7. What size is the PX-150 headphone jack?

    Thanks! Do you know why Casio decided to make the headphone jack of the keyboard so unconventional? And how would I go about connecting this keyboard to an amp or D.I. box or whatever? I have no experience with that kind of thing, but I'd like to take it to the stage eventually.
  8. My headphones won't fit into the Casio Privia PX-150's headphone jack, so I'll need to get an adapter. What size adapter should I get so that my regular headphones will fit? You know, anything like iPod headphones.
  9. First off, I'm a bit of an amateur with keyboards because I've used an acoustic upright piano for most of my life. Now I'd like to take my PX-150 onstage at various open mics and performances to accompany myself while I sing. What I'd like to know is, is there any way I can connect the PX-150 to the sound system of the venues I want to perform at? Or do I have to just put a microphone in front of one of the speakers of my keyboard? I checked the back of the keyboard and didn't notice any ports besides the headphone port and the MIDI port.