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  1. After using headphones, the internal speakers don't work. I need to power off and reboot to get the speakers to work. Any suggestions?
  2. Thumb drive shows "no data"

    Are there any models with touch screen that can load tones?
  3. Thumb drive shows "no data"

    OUCH! Thank you Brad for the quick response. I wish I would have done a bit more research prior to making the change. I am going to miss those PX-5s piano tones.
  4. Thumb drive shows "no data"

    Im trying to load some gig piano tones from my musidat file onto the cgp700. It reads no data. The file is one I downloaded to my S5 with no problem, but doesn't seem to work for the cgp700. Any help?
  5. PX-5S FAQ

    When using piano stage settings, where is the best starting point for the sliders? Middle, Bottom ? Does it matter?
  6. PX-5S Updated ALL File

    What is the difference between the ALTORDR2.ZAL file and the PX5SALL.2.ZAL file? Am I supposed to load them both?
  7. PX-5S Updated ALL File

    Thank You! I took your "easiest way" suggestion and it worked like a champ.
  8. PX-5S Updated ALL File

    Brand new user here, forgive my ignorance. Can any one walk me through how to get musicdat file set up on a usb, and how to get the new stage settings loaded into my 5s? I am using a macbook laptop. When I first tried to download this all file, I couldnt figure out how to get it in the usb.