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  1. notes being chopped

    I have the same problem as the Thread Starter. Everytime when i record notes in realtime the notes will be cutted. I record a 4th note and the sequencer only plays a 16th or 8th note. It seems that the sequencer forgets the "tie" notes. I dont found an option to change that. Can anyone help me?
  2. Start up user tone or user step sequence not possible?

    Thank you for reply. This is one more disappointment. Kind regards Michael
  3. I can start up in performance mode with a user performance, but when i start up in tone mode it is always p:011 and when i start up in step sequencer mode it is always p:0-1. I would like to start up with a user tone in tone mode, is it not possible? My synth is the g1 but i think the same aplies to the w1, so i ask in general discussion. Kind regards Michael :-)
  4. Casio CZ App (Synthesizer) is on sale

    I am surprised, too. It sounds very good. I like your track. :-)
  5. Casio CZ App (Synthesizer) is on sale. It will be sold at the special price on August 31, 2015 from August 5, 2015. Here are Infos about the app: http://world.casio.com/emi/app/en/cz/
  6. Thank you very much for that post Chas. :-)
  7. Poly Synth No Real Time Cut Off?

    I suppose that you mean this: http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/6160-using-the-xws-resonant-filter-with-polyphonic-tones/ Thank you for help. :-) It is a pity that it works only indirectly.
  8. Poly Synth No Real Time Cut Off?

    I am talking about the PCM sounds.
  9. Poly Synth No Real Time Cut Off?

    When I play chords and hold them and turn the cut off knob nothing happens. After I hit the keyboard again the sound changes. Why does the polysynth cut off not react like the monosynth cutoff? Can this be changed? I did not find any option.
  10. More than 16 steps possible

    Thank you very much Korakios. Your solution works for me. :-)
  11. More than 16 steps possible

    I can not test it, because i am one week not at home. Do you have the right Midi channel? I think it should be channel 1.
  12. Assignable Knobs in Tone Mode?

    Thank you for the advice. I will try that.
  13. Xw-P1 and Midi Designer synchronisation

    I have the same problem. Everytime i use the knobs or sliders nothing happens in midi designer. It seems that it does not synchronize like in the video. What am i doing wrong?
  14. Assignable Knobs in Tone Mode?

    This is unfortunately true. When i edit PCM tones the Assignable Knobs cannot be changed. :-(
  15. More than 16 steps possible

    I am an absolute beginner with Midi CC. I looked into the midi implementation and found "7.39.5 Step Sequencer Pattern Number Select. This was very confusing for me and seems incomplete. So i downloaded the free App Midi Wrench for Ipad. The app shows me the Midi CCs when i press a button on my Synth. :-) I do Midi Recording with my DAW on my PC. But I want to record Midi without the PC or Ipad, too. So when i am practising with my synth and i have a spontaneous idea, i want to record it immediately without booting my PC. :-) By the way. I have a tascam 4 Track, too. Its a Tascam 424. I used it in the mid 90s for recording a complete Band: 2 Guitars, 1 Bass Guitar and Drums on 2 Tracks, on the other 2 Tracks Vocals. That was very hard to mix. I am glad that i dont need it anymore, now its in the basement. :-)