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  1. PX-330 off key - sometimes!

    Sorry for the double post: Must be getting old. Couldn't find my original post. And it was a different scenario from 2013: I strongly suspect the power breaker sockets were "stealing" some of the power, and thus affecting pitch. No problems anywhere since using normal UK power sockets, so doubt if it's the pitch-bender at fault. I'll delete the other post if I can.
  2. Just wondered how much successful boot-up depends on voltage? I have on occasion had problems getting my PX-330 to come in on correct key; usually switching off and re-booting once or twice cured it, but commonest reasons seem to be: 1. Using a long extension lead to connect to mains power. (so I always try to plug into an unshared power point direct from the piano's own lead if at all possible.) 2. Insufficient voltage as when trying to run off a generator at a country fair. (Turns out that the generator was barely churning out 200v instead of 240v, and it took about 5 minutes for the piano to boot up!) 3. (New one on me last night!) - the wall power sockets are fitted with power breakers - after 7 attempts to get in on key and consistently at least a semi-tone flat, I just had to use the fine tune facility to bring the piano up to the level of other instruments in the band - +47 on fine tune. Thank goodness I had the handbook with me. Has anyone else encountered this? Checked the piano again when I got home, and it was spot on, without any fine tuning! So do power breakers generally affect tuning?
  3. Flat pitch on switch-on

    Thanks: I've not looked in for a while: might try that, especially as i don't really need to use the pitch bender for what I do! Since I last posted, I've had very few problems if I plug straight into a wall socket, but often a bit flat if I have to use an extension lead: it's less than a semi-tone so I have to use the fine tune option to get back on pitch, usually up to about +66-70.
  4. Flat pitch on switch-on

    Yes, but I've hardly ever used it: I'll check it next time I switch on.
  5. Flat pitch on switch-on

    This has happened to me several times now, and wondering why? On switching my Casio Privia 330x on, it is not always at the correct pitch. As per the handbook (Casio obviously know this can happen!) usually switching off and back on again usually cures it. But this afternoon, it was fine first half of the afternoon: switched it off while at tea-break: came back and it was very flat. Switched on and off several times but still flat by at least a semi-tone - playing with others so this DID matter a bit! Searched the handbook and found how to do fine tune (transpose +1 made it go sharp!) Had to go up to +65 in fine tuning to get it back on pitch. (again, it seems they know this can happen!) Is this a voltage thing, or anything to do with using an extension lead to power supply, or what? Haven't tried it again since I got home!
  6. What the hell happened here today?

    I reported abuse to the admins on Friday morning after I received about 16 emails showing new posts on my profile from a spammer who had only registered that same day but already sent 176 posts to various other forum members. I did not follow the links in the emails as I was pretty sure they were suspicious, but logged in separately. I hope the offender has been booted off pronto!