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  1. Casio LK-56 weird problem

    OK, so this is what I got from a garage sale yesterday But the weird thing is, it always boots up on the flute voice, and I have to select the piano voice manually every time My LK-94 works fine Oh, and the screen is broken too, so would that be part of it? All other functions work fine, but do you think something is corrupted?
  2. Casio LK-43

    Never mind about buying from eBay, there is one on Amazon, but for $115
  3. Casio LK-43

    Does the Casio LK-43 use the IXA sound source? Because not only am I wondering how the normal sounds are programmed, I am also wondering what "tricks" Casio has used to make the SFX, (ie: Vehicle, Space, Invader, etc). Also, does Casio still have this old of a keyboard on their website, or can I buy one from eBay or something?