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  1. Hi newbee with a G1 Step Sequencer Problem

    Hi Guys No matter what I do the pitch shifts out of tune unless I record the bass line in C, at least it works like this so isn't a problem but does seem strange how you can record it normally. Saying that I have tyros 4 and when creating styles you're supposed to record all frases etc in the key of C so that it tansposes correctly later while playing cords, so the idea's not new to me. Cheers Martin
  2. First Day with the Casio XW-PD1

    It looks like the Millenium Falcon out of Star Wars to me, hope it sounds better. Cheers Martin
  3. Hi newbee with a G1 Step Sequencer Problem

    It doesn't seem to matter what key is pressed in key-shift mode, the note jumps back to C regardless, it doesn't seem like it has until you use the key shift again after recording, the only reliable method is to record everything in C in the first place, that way you're guaranteed to get the right result by the look of it. It's not a problem though, it's easy enough to record everything in C anyway so it doesn't really matter now I know this is what I need to do. Cheers Guys Martin
  4. Hi Guys & Gals (if there's any on here) Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's created voices etc for download, I've been downloading some and there's some good stuff out there. Thanks all for your hard work. Cheers Martin
  5. Problem with notes changing

    Hi Guys I've been having the same issue and come to the conclusion that if you want to use the key-shift feature you need to record everything in the key of C, this then seems to work correctly when switching on key-shift. I'm going to do some more tests with the different scale options and see what happens. Still loads to learn, only had my G1 since Monday this week so a complete newbie at the mo. Cheers Martin
  6. Hi newbee with a G1 Step Sequencer Problem

    Yeh guys I think you're right, it looks like I need to record everything in C, if you play any other key it drops back to C when key shifted and sends it out of tune with the rest of the keyboard. Seems a little stupid really but if that's how it works so be it, it does seem like a bug to me though, I'm pretty sure it shouldn't do this, no other keyboard I've ever used worked like this, I'll just have to work around it, other than that I'm well happy with the G1. Thanks Guys Cheers Martin
  7. Hi Everyone Recently picked up a G1 with Headphones and Case for just £150.00 which is great and I'm well happy with it. However, I do have a slight issue with the step sequencer. I noticed when adding a bass line using the D A C D keys it records and plays back fine, the problem occurs when I select the key-shift button, the whole bass line as dropped an whole pitch compared to the rest of the keyboard. The D is now on the lowest C key so when I select the low D the bass is out of tune with the rest of the keyboard, I have found I can note shift the bass part down 2 half steps which corrects the issue but surely this shouldn't be happening in the first place. I have initialised the keyboard so it should be as per factory settings I would have thought. Has anyone had this issue or is there a fix for it cus it doesn't seem right to me. Cheers Martin