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  1. PX-850 - loud buzzing on two keys

    I have not done anything to fix it. It sounds like the wave memory is corrupted. It is to much trouble to send it in for repair. I have just been using the other piano sounds. It looks like this problem is becoming more common, maybe Casio knows the solution.
  2. PX-850 - loud buzzing on two keys

    Does it sound like this? 011110_0018.wav
  3. Corrupted piano sound on 2 notes

    Minnetonka, Minnesota Ebay seller "Ethnic Musical Instruments" - was shipped directly from Casio Dec 2012
  4. Corrupted piano sound on 2 notes

    It is too much work to send in for repair. I was hoping there was some way of rewriting the waveform memory through the USB port. If there isn't, I will just use the other piano sounds. The grand piano sounds were the best I have heard on any electronic piano or soft synth.
  5. Corrupted piano sound on 2 notes

    What kind of information could the key sensor send to make it sound like that? The key sensor should only be sending note on/off and velocity. All other voices - other pianos, strings, organs etc. sound OK. It is only on the grand piano sounds.
  6. Corrupted piano sound on 2 notes

    attached wave file 011110_0018.wav
  7. Corrupted piano sound on 2 notes

    No, it is very,very loud, much louder than the note.
  8. Is there any way to reload the waveform memory? On the 2 grand piano sounds (concert and modern) 2 adjacent notes E and Eb an octave above middle C have developed a loud buzzing sound after holding the key down for about a half second. All other notes and voices work. I have tried the factory reset.