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  1. Thanks for the help now got it working and updated the firmware OK. Seemed to fire into life after I managed to map the Casio USB Driver in Reason 8 as the master keyboard. But this was on a new machine, will see what happens when I connect my other stuff to it. RAB
  2. Help!!! I can't get my PCs talking to my new XW-1P via the USB port. I've tried a Windows 7 Starter machine and a Windows 8.1 machine. The XW-1P firmware is V1.10. On both can't get the XW-P1 talking to the Data Editor, on both of the machines I've tried deleting unused USB devices and setting up new accounts on the machine still the same result Failed to Connect to XW-1P. When connecting the USB cable both machines install the driver and the Casio USB Midi appears under the device manager. On the Windows 7 machine it appears under Sound, Video & Game Controllers and on the Windows 8.1 machine it appears under Misc. On the Windows 8.1 machine I did have a Steinberg UR242 USB Audio Interface installed driver that came up as USB2 Midi and until I disabled the driver the data editor tried to connect using this device and didn't see the Casio USB under the drop down for the manual connection options. I've opened the zip file in the user download folder and tried to run it from there, even tried the firmware updater and still get Not Connected. From what I can see it appears to be driver issue or a missing dll or something anyone got any ideas to get it working as windows is seeing the USB device and tries to install the driver for it, even tried changing the USB cables. However if anyone has any bright ideas on what I can do to get it working please let me know. If prints of the device manager tree will help let me know and I will post them. Thanks RAB