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  1. Okay, the Korg PA3X can send out its midi out any patern. This can be recorded into a DAW program on separate midi tracks. Then imported to the keyboard as a midi Style track?
  2. Blurred Line Stage Setting

    Nice job!
  3. PX-560M Rhythms

    I agree also! Really lame! I have a Korg pa3x. Which has awesome rhythms. You can break/pause, change instruments and levels. Use drums only or use any of the accomniment you want. But a Yamaha is the leader for arrangers. They have been at it longer. I had an old psr630, used it for years on stage. Because it was so light to carry around. I even had a hard case made for when I did Cruiseship gigs. The px560 is a nice piano keyboard with an assortment of sounds. But sucks as an arranger! But they say you can make your own accomniment sets. I haven't gotten close to doing that. I still have my korg to fall back on for great rhythm accomniment. Mike Martin needs to do more "how to" videos on this board. I bought this because of the sequence and accomniment feature, along with piano sounds. Getting help has been very lax!
  4. GM does not play files right Please help

    Just an FYI, it still doesn't change to the correct bank with the saved midi file. When loaded into the Px560. Now what!
  5. GM does not play files right Please help

    Yah hoo! I got it! Okay, for those who are having the same problem? It should go like this in Sonar-DAW program: control 0 value 120, next, control 32 value 0, then your program change: program -normal 0 or 1 for standard kit. (3 entries). I am still have the problem with the saved midi file song. I save it with the new settings and it still doesn't set the drum track. These changes I did through a midi out to the midi in of the keyboard. Now the saved song is a issue?????????
  6. firmware for PX560?

    Is there a firmware update for the px560?
  7. GM does not play files right Please help

    I am having the same issue! They use CC controllers, MSB and LSB. But I can't figure it out. They use cc# 120 and a value of 0, I think! And then a cc# 32 value of 0 , then a program change of whatever patch kit you want. Cakewalks program change has 4 levels to program change. One, normal, 2. 0, etc, then you pick a program number. But I can't get mine to switch correctly. I have asked Mike Martin several times to give me an example of what needs to be inputed to my DAW. But I am getting the same answer, "Casio px560 uses midi 2 withe the above mentioned. But I need to see an example.
  8. midi program change for drums

    Has anyone figured this out? I need a little assistance.
  9. midi program change for drums

    Okay, I guess I'm stupid! But, I just can't get the drums sounds to work in the PX560 to a drum track in Sonar. I have tried control 120 0 and a program change 01. That doesn't work. What am I doing wrong here? Secondly, is there a list of sounds I can put in my DAW/Sonar program to have the sound set be in the settings as needed? Like I have a GM and a XG set listed in Sonar.
  10. GM does not play files right Please help

    It is my understanding that they us Midi2 standard program changes. You have to us a music software of some kind (cakewalk or cubase or whatever) to input control changes to set midi channel 10 to do drums. Please search on the forum for the px360. There you will find the program changes needed to have midi 10 set correctly. I hope his helps?
  11. Any reviews or Demo's of the PX-360?

    Thanks for the update on my question: can these keyboards actually play standard midi files. I am looking for a good replacement for my Korg PA3X. It's getting too heavy to carry around. Has great features and sounds but "man, it's heavy in a hard case!" I like what I see and hear in the PX560.
  12. Mixing with the Mixer

    PS: check Casio website, there no firmware updates for any keyboards except for px5-s. And that was back in Feb. 2014!
  13. Mixing with the Mixer

    I don't mean to sound negative about this but does Casio really give a crap about any possible ideas to make there keyboards better? I believe that they make a good product. But that's as far as it goes. What you get is what you get, with no updates to make it better?
  14. Any reviews or Demo's of the PX-360?

    I would like to hear what they sound like! There are no examples on the internet anywhere! This is very important to me as a gigging musician.
  15. Any reviews or Demo's of the PX-360?

    Okay, please can somebody tell me, I would like to know if the PX360 can play GM midi files? I can find any examples of this anywhere. Or do I have to go to the PX560 to get this feature? I would like to see a video on this, if possible?