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  1. PX 850 two keys not working

    My keyboard was replaced under warranty. I was sent a new keyboard and then returned the one in the shipping container sent. I was happy with the warranty service and hpe I don't get the same problem again.
  2. PX 850 two keys not working

    Thank you, Scott. I tried that and it did not work. I switched to electronic piano and it did not make the sound on that setting. My daughter played through the headphones but said the problem is still there. I think it is not one that can be fixed. I am waiting to connect with casio.
  3. My daughter has a PX850 that is just over a year old. Yesterday the E and F below middle C will have a loud recurring electronic noise after being depressed for about half a second. I don't have a recording of it to upload, but could get one if necessary. Is this something that could be fixed by a reset or are we looking at a warranty claim? Does anyone have information about service in Canada? I read something on another forum in the US that indicated that there was inhouse service for a US warranty claim when it is a console. I can't imagine having to take the unit apart and then shipping it four hours to Toronto to be fixed. I am so disappointed. The piano had been so good, but this has turned me off totally!