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  1. Ok Brad, I will re-organise my stage settings in that way. Thanks very much for coming back to me on that.
  2. Hi All, I'm struggling working out the best way to setup triggering the px-5s drums from an external drum sequencer within a stage setting and was looking for some advice please. I've recently bought a drumbrute for live performance with the PX-5S. The drum brute has a global midi channel setting which I've set to 1. It seems to be limited to either send note data or not and this is done via the app rather than on the unit, so not convenient for switching on and off. Therefore, when I'm using the drum brute's sounds, it will trigger whatever tone is in zone 1 on the PX-5S. Of course, if I have a synth in zone 1 (when I'm not using the px drums) it will trigger that, which I won't want. I can configure the output note values from the drum brute, and I tried setting them to values >88 and setting the px KEY RANGE HIGH in zone 1 (for sounds I don't want the drum brute to trigger) to C8. The idea being that I would create drum kits on the PX with note values >88 and put them in zone 1 when I needed them. However, it looks like KEY RANGE HIGH only affects the actual keyboard and not the incoming midi (I guess the clue is probably in the name , therefore the synth sound will still trigger the higher notes from the incoming midi. Is there an easy way around this? I could dedicate zone 1 for all of my stage settings to drums, and only have a kit present in a stage setting when I need them. Is that the way I need to go, or can I stop sounds in zone 1 from being triggered by incoming midi for certain stage settings? Hope that makes sense. Thanks