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  1. How to set functions

    Hello: Re: CDP130 I have two problems. -Is there a way to set the functions so that they don't disappear if the keyboard is not used for a few days? -Someone must know how to set the functions to true scale quality. In my case the first octave below middle C: C, C#, D, D#, E and F are badly off key. What are the Functions to set the tone quality properly? Thanks
  2. CDP130: Best tone quality

    Re: CDP130. What gives you the best piano sound: Grand Piano 1 or Hall. And what does Grand Piano 1 Tone do? Thanks
  3. I've tried everything I can find to try to make this better but no luck. Is there some way to adjust the C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, to tune them? The first four on the list are the worst. Thanks
  4. Casio CDP 130 settings

    Thanks for your response. I'm using Grand Piano 1, Touch Response 2. While on the subject, the upper register is pretty good, not happy with the bass. Is there a better way for a relatively good sounding piano? Thanks
  5. Casio CDP 130 settings

    It took a lot of time and patience to get the best piano tone I could and today it was all gone. I hadn't used the piano for a few days and when I went back to it all the function settings were gone. These are not recent settings, i did them some time ago but they have always been there. What could make this happen and how can I keep it from happening again? Appreciate your help
  6. S20 Pedal

    I have a Casio CDP 130 and don't like the pedal that came with it. The best one, S20, will be over $100 but there are, what I'm sure are knockoffs, for considerably less. The jack looks the same but I wonder if anyone knows if they can damage the piano? Thanks
  7. Casio CDP 130: fine tuning and the pedal

    Any suggestions about this? It scrapes and claps when I use it. It also doesnt' sustain very long
  8. The quality of the middle register is not as good as the rest or as good as it sounded in the store. Thing is, there isn't much difference between Hall and Grand piano. But, I may not be using the function properly or getting the best out of it. Any suggestions? Also, the pedal doesn't sustain as much or as deep as an acoustic. Is this the norm or is there a better product? This one came with the piano. Appreciate your help.
  9. Casio CDT 130

    The middle register doesn't sound as good as the rest of the piano or as good as I thought it sounded in the store. But, there doesn't seem to be much change when I use the functions to change to Hall or Grand piano. I wonder if there is a trick I don't know about that would give me better quality. Any suggestions? As well, the pedal seems to be weak compared to an acoustic. It came with it but perhaps there is a better one? Appreciate your help Thanks