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  1. Privia Px 730 Pedals replacement unit?

    I apologise, misunderstanding on my end. No 1/4" on the back at all, underside however yes, but I've already experimented with that option to no avail. I thought the SP32(3) may be similar if not the same as mine due to it's connection, I'll have a look and get one soon(ish) then I can offer my findings here again. Thank you all again for the quick replies, I really appreciate it.
  2. Privia Px 730 Pedals replacement unit?

    Thanks for the replies guys, I actually purchased a single pedal unit that hooks in vis the headphone socket on the piano but of course all that does is completely block all sound coming out of the speakers, which is obviously not the result I am looking for! I asked a casio representative what the exact the connector type is and all he came back with was "pedal unit", great. The connector for the pedals is a weird connection, not one I could give you the name of it, so i've attached photos if that helps. I did enquire about whether or not newer models of pedal units would work with it but the representative was unsure, I would be surprised if they don't seeing as they all use the same connector, but I also can't be 100% sure. Thanks again for replying,
  3. Hello there everybody, I apologise sincerely if I am posting this in the wrong section, this is my first time using the forums! I have a model Px 730 casio digital piano and I have been very happy with it for a few years, however my pedal unit for it recently broke (beyond repair), and I am looking to buy a new replacement unit or even a single sustain pedal for this model. I've contacted casio to enquire about a replacement but the individual I spoke to has informed they no longer produce the pedals specifically for this model. So is there any chance anybody knows where or how I can find a replacement pedal unit? It does not have to be brand new (and I don't expect it to be), but any suggestions are very welcome as my individual searches have resulted in me finding nothing. thanks in advance.