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  1. I have had Several Casio Keybords starting with a CTk 700 years ago in 1993. I have then progressed through  The grey model ,(cant remember the model No)Similar to CTk700. Then a CT3200. I visited Kosmic sounds in Perth one day and played a 3200 through a Behringer 3000 Keyboard amp as a PA. Both the Store Sales man and myself were surprised how the Beringer made the 3200 sound a lot more expensive. I bought the Behringer 3000 and used it with my 3200 for a While ,then heard a WK7600 demo'ed on you tube. I now have the best sounding Casio ever and can highly recommend the combination. The sound variations are amazing as with two graphic equalisers, one on each unit and the Casio's 100 tones with midi and memory card facilities,  there are few sounds you cannot make and the Behringer's PA Microphone facilities compliment the whole combination. I can recommend Both the Casio WK7600 and the Behringer3000 Keyboard Amp.

    1. PSS-270


      Oh but I 100% agree - me too, I have various "normal" hardware too - and I use it sometimes. :)

      Still, the ancient CASIOs and toy-keyboards in general is my hobby and I really like those. :)

      But indeed I was lately considering gettin' another normal machine and yes - I think of WK or CT-X (not very expensive - sounding very well, especially after short work in a recording studio. :-D

  2. Go-Tek USB Emulator

    Hmmm. And what about HxC device by lotharek.pl ? Maybe this one would work? Still, it uses only SD / microCD cards, as far as I know. Good luck!
  3. Hey, guys, _most_ interesting stuff to read. Yes, maybe sayin' "offspring" I was too specific. Indeed spreading addiction to anybody is reasonable too. I agree that the piano alone is not enough (unless it's PX-5S or something, haha). I remember myself being young - I didn't want to be dependent on anybody, making music, so the synth/keyboard was a natural choice (the SK-5 had a sequencer on-board. Hmm, sad to say they were better back then, the toy versions of keyboards. Ah well, but it's not relevant here anyway). So anyway such thing as WK 7600 - or the others - is a very good gift. Kind regards.
  4. Later I tried to find out whether it's possible to make a techno-pop / electro music on such a lo-fi instrument. And YES - it is. https://soundcloud.com/pss-270/mikromusikwerk-05-casio-ct-670
  5. Hi. As a fan of Casio, I decided lately to buy for my little niece a... Casio of course as she indicated some interest in synths, so I ordered for her the CASIO LK-127, hehe... Let the child learn. My first keyboard was Casio too; I was 15 or something 'though, but I was lucky to start with Casio SK-5 sampler - so I try to make some similar experiences for her now. Hence my quetsion - do you guys do the same? Do die-hard fans of CASIO pass the addiction to next generations? Regards.
  6. CASIO SA-20 audio?

    Hi. Maybe guys don't know what you mean as there actually exist a machine called "CASIO AS-20". Anyway. I assume the SA-10 should have the same sample-set? Here is is, supposedly: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZkzs77ZrGH007OsrSh3oeegzQrxqhmNKCBy I'm pretty sure it should do the trick, as they sound like All the best.
  7. Hi. My first test of CASIO CT-670, my the newest asset, heh. The song's name is "Mikromusikwerk 01". I left the original sound, just added some multitracking for various volume levels (which are not present on the machine itself). The sequencer was ATARI 520ST. Greetings.
  8. Album made with CZ 1000

    Hi. bandcamp.com doesn't work on many older computers. There's only some mess on the screen. Is it possible you have the recordings also in another place of Internet? Regards.
  9. Very good stuff indeed.
  10. Casio obsession....

    I have exactly the same thing. True, not all the time but every 5 years I buy even several more. Actually don't have place to keep them, already.
  11. Trying to find my first Casio

    Hmmm, seems like you can check it out here, I suspect. https://generror.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/history-of-casio-keyboards-2/