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  1. Privia 330 loud velocity strikes

    Awesome thanks. Now I just gotta figure out how find jokeyman. ...I'll check the members list...
  2. Privia 330 loud velocity strikes

    Gary, thank you for your response. The issue is that tech support does not know what parts are needed. I would like to replace the contact strip but tech support knows nothing about parts and most people working in the parts department merely have a list of parts with no other knowledge. So again, I need to know what to order. Thank you.
  3. Privia 330 loud velocity strikes

    Again this is for the Privia 330 X
  4. I would really appreciate if someone will share which parts and/or part numbers I would need to order that pertain to sensors that have to do with sending velocity messages. I just want to replace the parts instead of banging our heads against the wall trying to speculate the problem and solution. I have already taken the keyboard apart and have carefully cleaned all the contacts under each key. Thank you Lonny lonnydude@gmail.com